Across to Singapore

Across to Singapore

Theatrical release poster
Directed by William Nigh
Produced by William Nigh
Written by

Ted Shane
Joseph Farnham

Richard Schayer
Based on All the Brothers Were Valiant
by Ben Ames Williams
Starring Ramon Novarro
Joan Crawford
Ernest Torrence
Frank Currier
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • April 30, 1928 (1928-04-30)
Running time
85 mins.
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

Across to Singapore is a 1928 American silent romantic drama film directed by William Nigh, and starring Ramon Novarro and Joan Crawford. The plot involves a love triangle between a woman and two brothers, set on board ship and in Singapore. The screenplay was written by Ted Shane based on the novel All the Brothers Were Valiant by Ben Ames Williams.

This was the second film based on this novel; the first was All the Brothers Were Valiant (1923, now lost), and it was remade again in 1953 as All the Brothers Were Valiant.[1]


In 1857, Joel Shore (Ramon Novarro), the carefree youngest son of a seafaring family, has a flirtatious friendship with Priscilla Crowninshield (Joan Crawford), and he eventually falls in love with her. However, unbeknownst to him, Priscilla has been betrothed to Joel's much older brother, Mark (Ernest Torrence). The wedding is announced in church as a surprise, and Joel and Priscilla are both shocked, with Priscilla refusing to kiss her new husband after the ceremony.

Mark, a ship's captain, sails to Singapore, accompanied by Joel and their other brothers. Priscilla tells Joel she had no idea about the marriage and tries to kiss him, but Joel is hurt and rebuffs Priscilla's advances before he leaves. At the same time, Mark, mad about Priscilla spurning him, drinks heavily during the voyage and begins to see hallucinations of Priscilla. He senses that Priscilla loves someone else and threatens to harm whoever it is, but Joel tells him she does not love anyone but Mark. Mark continues to drink once they arrive in Singapore, but a conspiratorial crew led by Finch (Jim Mason) sails from Singapore without him, with Mark killed in a bar fight. Joel is put in handcuffs for allegedly not coming to his brother's aid during the fight.

Reaching home, Joel is freed; he finds Priscilla, and, taking her with him, he returns to Singapore for Mark, as he does not believe Mark is dead. They arrive in Singapore six months after having left, and find Mark a drunken mess. Mark sees that Priscilla does not love him, and he steps aside for his brother.



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