A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling

A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling

Title Page - 7th Edition 1807
Author Thomas Best
Country England
Language English
Subject Fly fishing
Publisher B. Crosby and Co., London
Publication date
Pages 186

A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling- Confirmed by Actual Experiences and Minute Observations to Which is Added the Compleat Fly-Fisher is a fly fishing book written by Thomas Best, first published in London in 1787.


Frontispiece (7th Edition) showing very early renditions of artificial flies
Frontispiece (9th Edition)

Although the first part of A Concise Treatise is a general angling work that provided little new information when it was published, the second part of the book--The Complete Fly-Fisher was one of the earliest how-to books on the subject of fly fishing and artificial fly making. The book proved to be extremely popular and useful, being issued in thirteen editions from 1787 to 1846.


A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. . . . By Thomas Best, Gent. Late of his Majesty's Drawing Room in the Tower, London, appeared in 1787. Thirteen editions of this work were published;, to the tenth and eleventh editions the greater part of Nobbes' Compleat Troller was added. This book, though it contains nothing strikingly original, is a thoroughly practical treatise on the art of angling...[1]

He makes mention of the multiplying reel, the first time we hear of it, but evidently not unknown before his day. In the second part of the book, which has the special title The Complete Fly-fisher, he describes the dressing of many flies and their killing powers. Upon the whole, it is a practical and sensible work.[2]


(From the 9th Edition)

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From Bibliotheca Piscatoria, T. Westwood & T. Satchell (1883)[3]

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