33 Jazz Records

33 Jazz Records
Founded 1990 (1990)
Founder Paul Jolly
Genre Jazz
Country of origin UK
Location Luton, England
Official website www.33jazz.com

33 Jazz Records is a jazz record label founded in England by Paul Jolly in 1990.

Paul Jolly is an English musician and producer who founded 33 Arts Centre in Luton, England, in 1976. The Centre provided a place for new musicians to play outside of London. When Jolly noticed many of them hadn't been signed by a record label, he created 33 Jazz in 1990. His early signers included drummer Clark Tracey and singer Tina May. The roster has grown to include Don Weller, John Law, Jonathan Gee, Juliet Kelly, Kitty La Roar, Maciek Pysz, Michael Hashim, Renato D'Aiello, Stan Tracey, Theo Travis, and BBC Jazz Award winner Anita Wardell.[1]


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