1982 FIFA World Cup qualification

1982 FIFA World Cup Qualification
Tournament details
Teams 109 (from 6 confederations)
Tournament statistics
Matches played 306
Goals scored 797 (2.6 per match)

A total of 109 teams entered the 1982 FIFA World Cup qualification rounds, which began with the preliminary qualification draw on 14 October 1979 at Zürich, competing for a total of 24 spots in the final tournament, an increase from 16 in the previous World Cups. Spain, as the hosts, and Argentina, as the defending champions, qualified automatically, leaving 22 spots open for competition.

The 24 spots available in the 1982 World Cup would be distributed among the continental zones as follows:

A total of 103 teams played at least one qualifying match. A total of 306 qualifying matches were played, and 797 goals were scored (an average of 2.60 per match).

Continental zones

To see the dates and results of the qualification rounds for each continental zone, click on the following articles:

Group 1 - West Germany and Austria qualified.
Group 2 - Belgium and France qualified.
Group 3 - USSR and Czechoslovakia qualified.
Group 4 - Hungary and England qualified.
Group 5 - Yugoslavia and Italy qualified.
Group 6 - Scotland and Northern Ireland qualified.
Group 7 - Poland qualified.
Group 1 - Brazil qualified.
Group 2 - Peru qualified.
Group 3 - Chile qualified.
Honduras and El Salvador qualified.
Algeria and Cameroon qualified.
Kuwait and New Zealand qualified.

Qualified teams

Final qualification status
  Country qualified for World Cup
  Country failed to qualify
  Country did not enter World Cup
  Country not a FIFA member

The following 24 teams qualified for the 1982 FIFA World Cup:

Team Finals Appearance Streak Last Appearance
 Algeria 1st1
 Argentina (c) 8th31978
 Austria 5th21978
 Belgium 6th11970
 Brazil 12th121978
 Cameroon 1st1
 Chile 6th11974
 Czechoslovakia 7th11970
 El Salvador 2nd11970
 England 7th11970
 France 8th21978
 Honduras 1st1
 Hungary 8th21978
 Italy 10th61978
 Kuwait 1st1
 New Zealand 1st1
 Northern Ireland 2nd11958
 Peru 4th21978
 Poland 4th31978
 Scotland 5th31978
 Spain (h) 6th21978
 Soviet Union 5th11970
 West Germany 10th81978
 Yugoslavia 7th11974

(h) - qualified automatically as hosts

(c) - qualified automatically as defending champions


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