1976 College Football All-America Team

The 1976 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1976. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recognizes four selectors as "official" for the 1976 season. They are:[1] (1) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA);[2] (2) the Associated Press (AP) selected based on the votes of sports writers at AP newspapers;[3] (3) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) selected by the nation's football writers;[4] and (4) the United Press International (UPI) selected based on the votes of sports writers at UPI newspapers.[5] Other selectors included Football News (FN),[6] the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA),[7] The Sporting News (TSN),[8] and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WC).

Three players were unanimously selected by all four official selectors and all five unofficial selectors. They were running backs Tony Dorsett of Pittsburgh and Ricky Bell of USC and defensive end Ross Browner of Notre Dame.

The 1976 USC Trojans football team led all others with five players who received first-team All-American honors in 1976. In addition to Ricky Bell, the USC honorees were offensive tackle Marvin Powell, defensive end Dennis Thurman, defensive tackle Gary Jeter, and punter Glen Walker. The consensus national champion Pittsburgh Panthers team had two first-team honorees, Tony Dorsett and middle guard Al Romano.

Consensus All-Americans

The following charts identify the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans for the year 1976 and displays which first-team designations they received.


Name Position School Number[9] Official Other
Tony DorsettRunning backPittsburgh4/5/9AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPICFN, FN, NEA, TSN, WC
Ricky BellRunning backUSC4/5/9AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPICFN, FN, NEA, TSN, WC
Joel ParrishOffensive guardGeorgia4/4/8AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPIFN, NEA, TSN, WC
Rob LytleRunning backMichigan3/5/8AFCA, AP, UPICFN, FN, NEA, TSN, WC
Larry SeiversWide receiverTennessee3/4/7AFCA, AP, UPICFN, NEA, TSN, WC
Mike VaughanOffensive tackleOklahoma4/2/6AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPIFN, WC
Ken MacAfeeTight endNotre Dame3/3/6AFCA, FWAA, UPICFN, NEA, WC
Tommy KramerQuarterbackRice3/2/5AFCA, AP, UPICFN, WC
Mark DonahueOffensive guardMichigan2/3/5FWAA, UPIFN, NEA, WC
Derrel GofourthCenterOklahoma State2/1/3AFCA, UPIFN
Chris WardOffensive tackleOhio State1/0/1AFCA--


Name Position School Number[9] Official Other
Ross BrownerDefensive endNotre Dame4/5/9AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPICFN, FN, NEA, TSN, WC
Bill ArmstrongDefensive backWake Forest4/3/7AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPIFN, TSN, WC
Robert JacksonLinebackerTexas A&M4/3/7AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPIFN, TSN, WC
Dave ButterfieldDefensive backNebraska3/4/7AFCA, AP, UPICFN, FN, NEA WC
Bob BrudzinskiDefensive endOhio State4/2/6AFCA, AP, FWAA, UPICFN, TSN, WC
Al RomanoMiddle guardPittsburgh3/3/6AFCA, AP, UPICFN, NEA, WC
Gary GreenDefensive backBaylor2/4/6AFCA, APCFN, NEA, TSN
Wilson WhitleyDefensive tackleHouston3/2/5AFCA, AP, FWAAFN, WC
Joe CampbellDefensive tackleMaryland2/2/4AFCA, FWAACFN, NEA, TSN
Gary JeterDefensive tackleUSC2/1/3FWAA, UPINEA
Jerry RobinsonLinebackerUCLA2/1/3AP, FWAANEA
Dennis ThurmanDefensive backUSC2/1/3AP, FWAAWC



Tight end





Running backs


Defensive ends

Defensive tackles

Middle guards


Defensive backs

Special teams





  • Bold – Consensus All-American[1]
  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection

Official selectors

Other selectors

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