Directed by George Lucas
Written by George Lucas
Starring Pete Brock
Cinematography George Lucas
Edited by George Lucas
Release dates
  • 1966 (1966)
Country United States
Language English

1:42.08 (alternatively known as 1:42.08: A Man and His Car or 1:42.08: To Qualify) is George Lucas's senior project at the University of Southern California in 1966. It was named for the lap time of the Lotus 23 race car that was the subject of the film. It is a nonstory visual tone poem depicting the imagery of a car going at full speed, and featuring the car's engine as the primary sound element. Shot on 16mm color film with a 14-man student crew, it was filmed at Willow Springs Raceway, north of Los Angeles, CA.[1] The Lotus 23 was driven by Pete Brock.

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