Ídolos (Portuguese TV series)

For the Brazilian version, see Ídolos (Brazilian TV series).

Ídolos logo as of 2012
Created by SIC
Starring Sílvia Alberto (Season 1–2)
Pedro Granger (Season 1–2)
Cláudia Vieira (Season 3–5)
João Manzarra (Season 3–6)
Country of origin Portugal
No. of seasons 5
Original network SIC
First shown in 2003–2005 (first run) and 2009–present (second run)
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Ídolos is a Portuguese reality television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in Portugal. The first two seasons were hosted by Sílvia Alberto and Pedro Granger. The show, then went to a sort of hiatus, and, after only a lukewarm reaction by the viewers for season two, the show has officially been replaced by another casting show on its broadcast station, Família Superstar, which ended in 2008.

After an absence for four years the show returned for a third season to SIC in fall 2009 now with João Manzarra and Cláudia Vieira hosting. Season 3 finished in February 2010, and Season 4 started in September.

Ídolos had three audition cities to find the best talent in all of Portugal, including: Porto, Beja and Lisbon. However, in the third and fourth seasons, auditions were made in Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, Portimão and Estoril. The show did not return in fall 2011 but instead returned in 2012. The show is currently on hiatus since late 2012, since then their timeslot for 2013 has been taken over by Factor X, the Portuguese version of The X Factor.

Ídolos Host

In the first and second season:

In the third, fourth and fifth season:

Ídolos Jury

In the first and second season:

In the third and fourth season:

In the fifth season:

Season 1

Semi Final Qualifiers

Top 30

Format: three out of ten making the final each week and one Wildcard

Date First Second Third
October 3 Nuno Norte David Cruz Dércio Moreira
October 7 Ricardo Oliveira Bruna Andrade Carla Moreno
March 30 Rita Silva Mariline Hortigueira1 Débora Gonçalves
April 6


Luísa Sobral
(Viewers Choice)
  1. Because Mariline Hortigueira withdrew Nádia Pimentel, who placed 4th in group 3, replaced her in the top 10.

Finals Elimination Chart

Top 10

Date Theme Bottom Two
November 7 My Idol Dércio Moreira Carla Moreno
November 14 Film Songs Carla Moreno(2) Nádia Pimentel
November 21 Idols of our Parents Nádia Pimentel(2) Bruna Andrade
November 28 Latin-American Rhythm David Cruz Luísa Sobral
December 5 100% Portuguese Débora Gonçalves Ricardo Oliveira
December 12 Songs from Childhood Bruna Andrade(2) Rita Silva
December 19 Christmas Songs Rita Silva(2)
December 26 Contestants Choice Luísa Sobral
January 2 Grand Finale Ricardo Oliveira(2) Nuno Norte

Elimination Chart

Did Not Perform Female Male Semi Finalists Winner
Stages: Semi-Finals Wild Card Finals
Weeks: 03/10 07/10 30/10 06/11 07/11 14/11 21/11 28/11 05/12 12/12 19/12 26/12 02/01
Place Constestant Result
1 Nuno Norte 1st Winner
2 Ricardo Oliveira 1st Bottom 2 Runner-Up
3 Luísa Sobral Wild Card Top 10 Bottom 2 Elim
4 Rita Silva 1st Bottom 2 Elim
5 Bruna Andrade 2nd Bottom 2 Elim
6 Débora Gonçalves 3rd Elim
7 David Cruz 2nd Elim
8 Nádia Pimentel 4th Top 10 Bottom 2 Elim
9 Carla Moreno 3rd Bottom 2 Elim
10 Dércio Moreira 3rd Elim
11 Mariline Hortigueira 2nd Disq.
12-16 Andreia Wild Card Elim
Diana Lucas Wild Card
Emanuel Wild Card
Rúben Wild Card
Rui Andrade Wild Card

Season 2

Elimination Chart

Did Not Perform Female Male Semi Finalists Winner
Bottom 2
Stages: Semi-Finals Wild Card Finals
Weeks: 10/10 10/17 10/24 10/31 11/07 11/19 11/26 12/03 12/10 12/17 12/24 12/31 01/07 01/14
Place Constestant Result
1 Sérgio Lucas 1st Winner
2 Raquel Guerra 1st Runner-Up
3 André Pimenta Wild Card Elim Saved Elim
4 Gonçalo Oliveira 2nd Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Elim
5 Gabriela 2nd Bottom 2 Elim
6 Luciana Abreu 1st Elim
7 Helena Fernandes Wild Card Top 10 Bottom 2 Elim
8 Paulo Wild Card Top 10 Bottom 3 Elim
9 Nuno Lopes Wild Card Top 10 Elim
10-11 Daniela 2nd Elim
Ruben Louw Wild Card Top 10
Joana Wild Card Elim
Inês David Wild Card
Ivo Wild Card
Semi 3 Ana Elim
Semi 2 Leandro Elim
Semi 1 Ângelo Custódio Elim
Jean Cremona
Liliana Madaleno

Season 3

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Season 4

Main article: Idolos (season 4)

Season 5

Main article: Idolos (season 5)

Season 6

Main article: Idolos (season 6)

Bullying controversy regarding Alexandre Rebelo

On May 3, 2015 during the show's broadcast with a new episode, a 16-year-old contestant by the name of Alexandre Rebelo who had prominent ears auditioned to be on the show previously on March 27, 2015. Alexandre's grandmother gave him authorization to be in the casting, but he did not get to sing in front of the juries. He instead simply sung on camera with the song: "Diamonds" by Rihanna.

But what Alexandre didn't expect, the TV producers were bullying and making fun of him solely because of his hard of hearing. The TV producers went out of their way and maliciously decided to add a special effect via post-production onto Alexandre by inflating his ears in a much bigger size while he was still singing and the producers even added inappropriate cartoon-like background music without his knowledge and consent as the episode was being publicly broadcast across the entire country as for "humor." [1] This embarrassed and humiliated Rebelo up to the point where he was skipping school and could not even leave his own home. He was very displeased upon seeing what happened during the episode when it was first broadcast, along with his grandmother who was in great despair crying because Alexandre always got bullied in school because of his ears.[2][3]

SIC and FremantleMedia has since claimed that they regret pulling the move. On the Facebook page of the show however, several outraged comments were posted by many users forcing the producers of the show to apologize for such incident and for humiliating Alexandre.[4][5][6][7] They apologized to the grandmother but she told them that an apology will simply not be enough to cover the damages that have been done towards her grandson. She wants true justice upon Alexandre's suffering and the following incident that was caused is going to be at a high cost.

A campaign has started by Alexandre himself to fight against bullying regarding SIC's action.[8][9]


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