Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone
Doğum 19 Aralık 1957 (1957-12-19)
Homerton, Londra, İngiltere

Raymond Andrew "Ray" Winstone, Jr. Emmy ödüllü İngiliz oyuncudur. Winstone, Homerton, in the London Borough of Hackney'de doğmuştur. Corona Stage Academy okulundan mezun olan aktör 1979 yılından beri Elaine Wistone ile evlidir. Nil by Mouth, Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain, King Arthur, The Proposition, The Departed, Beowulf ve Indiana Jones ve Kristal Kafatası Krallığı filmlerinde canlandırdığı karakterler ile ünlüdür.


Yıl Başlık Not
1976 The Sweeney Second youth TV role
1979 Scum Carlin
Quadrophenia Kevin
1984 Robin of Sherwood Will Scarlet TV role
1997 Nil by Mouth Ray
Face Dave
1998 Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence Pederesen
1999 Darkness Falls John Barrett
The War Zone Dad
2000 There's Only One Jimmy Grimble Harry
Sexy Beast Gary 'Gal' Dove
Love, Honour and Obey Ray Kreed
2001 Last Orders Vince 'Vincey' Dodds
2002 Ripley's Game Reeves
2003 Henry VIII Henry VIII TV role
Cold Mountain Teague
2004 Everything Richard
King Arthur Bors
2005 The Proposition Captain Stanley
The Magic Roundabout Soldier Sam (voice)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Mr. Beaver (voice)
Vincent Vincent Gallagher TV role
2006 The Departed Mr. French
Breaking and Entering Bruno Fella
2007 Beowulf Beowulf
2008 Fool's Gold Moe Fitch
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull George "Mac" McHale
2009 Untitled Gehenna Project Blakely post-production
44 Inch Chest Colin Diamond post-production
Edge of Darkness Darius Jedburgh filming
The Sweeney Jack Regan pre-production
2014 Nuh

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