Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots

Imogen Gay Poots (d. 3 Haziran 1989, Londra), İngiliz aktris ve model. 28 Hafta Sonra filmindeki Tammy rolüyle tanınmıştır.


Yıl Başlık Rol Notlar
2006 V for Vendetta Young Valerie
2007 28 Weeks Later Tammy Harris
2007 Wish Jane Kısa film
2008 Miss Austen Regrets Fanny Knight Televizyon filmi
2008 Me and Orson Welles Lorelei Lathrop
2009 Cracks Poppy
2009 Waking Madison Alexis
2009 Solitary Man Allyson Karsch
2010 Centurion Arianne
2010 Chatroom Eva
2010 Christopher and His Kind Jean Ross Televizyon filmi
2011 Jane Eyre Blanche Ingram
2011 Fright Night Amy Peterson
2011 Comes A Bright Day Mary Bright
2012 A Late Quartet Alexandra Gelbart
2013 Greetings from Tim Buckley Allie
2013 Jimi: All Is by My Side Linda Keith
2013 Filth Amanda Drummond
2013 The Look of Love Debbie Raymond
2014 That Awkward Moment Ellie
2014 A Long Way Down Jess Crichton
2014 Need for Speed Julia Maddon
2014 She's Funny That Way Isabella "Izzy" Patterson
2015 Knight of Cups

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