En İyi Erkek R&B Vokal Performansı Grammy Ödülü

Her yıl düzenlenen Grammy Ödülleri'nin En İyi Erkek R&B Vokal Performansı kategorisindeki ödülü 1968'den 2011'e kadar verilmekteydi. 2012 yılında bu kategori kaldırılarak yerine En İyi R&B Performansı ödülü verilmeye başlandı.


Yıl Kazanan Adaylar
2011 Usher — "There Goes My Baby"
  • El DeBarge — "Second Chance"
  • Jaheim — "Finding My Way Back"
  • Kem — "Why Would You Stay"
  • (Kirk Whalum) & Musiq Soulchild — "We're Still Friends"
2010 Maxwell — "Pretty Wings"


Yıl Kazanan Adaylar
2009 Ne-Yo — "Miss Independent" Eric Benet — "You're the Only One"
Chris Brown — "Take You Down"
Trey Songz — "Can't Help but Wait"
Usher — "Here I Stand"
2008 Prince — "Future Baby Mama" Raheem DeVaughn — "Woman"
Musiq Soulchild — "B.U.D.D.Y."
Ne-Yo — "Because of You"
Tank — "Please Don't Go"
2007 John Legend — "Heaven" Ne-Yo — "So Sick"
Prince — "Black Sweat"
Lionel Richie — "I Call It Love"
Luther Vandross — "Got You Home"
2006 John Legend — "Ordinary People" Jamie Foxx — "Creepin'"
Mario — "Let Me Love You"
Usher — "Superstar"
Stevie Wonder — "So What the Fuss"
2005 Prince — "Call My Name" Anthony Hamilton — "Charlene"
R.Kelly — "Happy People"
Brian McKnight — "What We Do Here"
Usher — "Burn"
2004 Luther Vandross — "Dance with My Father" R.Kelly — "Step in the Name of Love"
Brian McKnight — "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda"
Ruben Studdard — "Superstar"
Tyrese — "How You Gonna Act Like That"
2003 Usher — "U Don't Have to Call" Joe — "Let's Stay Home Tonight"
R.Kelly — "The World's Greatest"
Musiq Soulchild — "Halfcrazy"
Remy Shand — "Take a Message"
2002 Usher — "U Remind Me" Case — "Missing You"
Maxwell — "Lifetime"
Brian McKnight — "Love of My Life"
Musiq Soulchild — "Love"
2001 D'Angelo — "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" Joe — "I Wanna Know"
R.Kelly — "I Wish"
Brian McKnight — "Stay Or Let It Go"
Sisqo — "Thong Song"
2000 Barry White — "Staying Power" Peabo Bryson — "Did You Ever Know"
R.Kelly — "When A Woman's Fed Up"
Maxwell — "Fortunate"
Tyrese — "Sweet Lady"





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