Collin Chou

Collin Chou

Collin Chou The Matrix Reloaded filminde
Doğum 11 Ağustos 1967 (1967-08-11)
Meslek Aktör dövüş sanatları ustası
Evlilik(ler) Wanda Yung (e. 1997)
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Collin Chou Siu-Lun (d. 11 Ağustos 1967, Tayvan), Hong Kong'lu dövüş sanatları aktörü ve model. Kantonca, Mandarin Çincesi ve İngilizce biliyor.


Yıl Film Rolü Notlar
1987 Promising Young Boy Chopin
1988 Shy Spirit Sing aka Shyly Spirit
1989 Into the Fire Chou Hsiao-lung
1990 Encounter of the Spooky Kind II Yılan adam aka Spooky Encounters 2
License to Steal Yang Chuan-kuang aka Licence to Steal
1991 Slickers vs. Killers Ai
1992 Banana Spirit Che
Lover's Tear Inspector Chung Ao aka 4 Days of Condor
1993 Exorcist Master Star
Blade of Fury Siu Chuen
Kung Fu Cult Master Ching Su aka Kung Fu Master
aka Evil Cult
aka Lord of the Wu Tang
1994 Hail the Judge Shang Wai
Return to a Better Tomorrow Holland Boy
The Bodyguard from Beijing Katil Wong aka The Defender
Ashes of Time
1995 Don't Give a Damn Siu Loon aka Burger Cop
My Father Is a Hero Kwong's man aka The Enforcer
aka My Father is Hero
Teenage Master Sek Lung aka My Father is a Hero 2
The Red-Wolf Tong San
Drugs Fighters Li Fan
Thunderbolt martial arts double for Jackie Chan
The Blade Fast Saber
1996 Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words" The Movie Star
War of the Under World Scum aka Young and Magnificent
aka War of the Underground
aka War of the Underworld
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage Kurt
1997 Passion
97 Aces Go Places polis özel gücü
The Death Games Long aka Over for Death Games
1998 Tie Break
Rumble Ages
The Group Yip Kai-foon
I Shoot Myself
Fist of Mercy
1999 Untouchable Lady
Final Judgement
Black City aka City of Darkness
aka Dark City
Immortal Spirit Lai'nin kardeşi
Temptation of an Angel Roy
Night Club Kao
The Victim Shing aka Victim
2000 Two Courageous Ghosts Siu Hark
Tricky Guys
Tequila Sunrise Rocky
2001 The Vampire Combat Wuchie
2002 Stunt Couple
No Problem 2 Ben
2003 Roaring Dragon Bluffing Tiger Hui Hong
The Matrix Reloaded Seraph
The Matrix Revolutions Seraph
2005 American Fusion Tony
2006 Fearless Huo Endi
The Duel Yuen
DOA: Dead or Alive Hayate
2007 Flash Point Tony aka City With No Mercy
aka City Without Mercy
aka The Signal
aka Flashpoint
2008 The Forbidden Kingdom Jade Warlord
Nuptials of the Dead Monk
2010 City Under Siege
Kung Fu Wing Chun Kam Ying
2011 Mural Meng Longtan
2012 The Four Tie Shou
Special Identity
Five-Star General Çekim aşamasında

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