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Zalcano is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas that is fought using skilling rather than conventional combat. Being immune to traditional combat damage, players must use their Mining, Smithing and Runecraft skills to create imbued tephra capable of destroying her stone armour. Once her armour has been destroyed, they must damage her by mining her with a pickaxe.

Zalcano's prison can be accessed from Prifddinas' Trahaearn district via a teleport platform just west of the south-eastern bank. As Prifddinas requires completion of Song of the Elves to access, Zalcano requires a minimum of 70 Mining and Smithing to be fought, though higher levels in Mining, Smithing and Runecraft will be advantageous, as well as higher Hitpoints to withstand her various attacks. All of Zalcano's attacks are typeless, meaning that protection prayers cannot be used to reduce their chance of taking damage or the damage itself.

History[edit | edit source]

Zalcano is a demon and Skotizo's sister, who both held the rank of general in Zamorak's armies. During the God Wars, when Zamorak personally sent Skotizo and his squad to recover an artefact in the Karamjan Temple, Skotizo eagerly took the mission only to betray his squad and took the artefact for himself, escaping to a certain continent far west. Zamorak held Zalcano personally responsible for her brother's treachery, and cursed her to slowly turn to stone, which would only be lifted if she brought her brother back to him.

Believing that Skotizo had fled to the elven lands of Tirannwn, Zalcano made her way there. The elves initially believed she was the first of many demons to attack their city, but to their surprise, she was the only one and roamed the forests as if she was looking for something. Amlodd mystics soon learned a curse was slowly turning her to stone, and this prompted the Trahaearn Clan to capture her for study. The Ithell and Trahaearn Clans worked together to create a prison in the volcanic caverns to keep her in the city, and successfully captured her, albeit with many casualties.

Zalcano, imprisoned beneath the crystal city.

Following her capture, the curse accelerated, with an elf believing it to be the result of Zamorak already knowing she had failed her mission. With the help of Amlodd magic and Meilyr potions, the elves learned why she came to Tirannwn.

Though she had appeared to have slowly descended into madness, the elves dared not to release her as they had lost many of their brethren luring her inside and did not want her power to grow unchecked. The aforementioned elf returned many years later to personally see the demon they were studying, and was surprised when she talked, simply muttering the name "Skotizo".

Today, she remains in Prifddinas, and the Trahaearn elves who study her often require aid in keeping her in check.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

While the player is inside the prison, Zalcano has six different attacks that the player must watch out for as they attempt to take on the stone demon. Each of the attacks are performed at random intervals throughout the fight.

  • Zalcano will stomp on the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by stepping at least one tile away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling pebbles/dirt, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also easy to know which tile they are falling onto by the location of their shadow on the ground. Players who are hit by these can take 40+ damage.
Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.
A player mines Zalcano after breaking her stone armour.
  • Zalcano will summon blue and orange demonic symbols. If a player is standing on a blue demonic symbol when attacking Zalcano with imbued tephra, it will increase the players accuracy and damage significantly. The orange demonic symbols, however, should be avoided, These will damage the player as well as reduce their run energy if they pass through it or stand in it. Damage is dealt constantly if a player stands within it and can result in a quick death if they are not paying attention.
  • Zalcano will summon a golem in the southern part of the prison. If the golem reaches her, it will restore her armour's health based on the health of the Golem. If the Golem is at full health, it will restore 50 hitpoints towards her armour. It is possible for a player to hurt the golem with the imbued tephra. The golem will also drop 16-24 imbued tephra when killed.
  • Zalcano will fire a red ball of energy at the current glowing red rock formation to deactivate it, changing its location. If a player is standing near the rock formation when this happens, they will take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by walking away from the rock.
  • After Zalcano has fallen and players have caused her damage, she will rise again. If any players are standing next to her while this occurs, she will create a shockwave push them back, causing the player small amounts of damage. All tephra are destroyed as well.
  • Zalcano will randomly hit all players within the prison with a barrage of small pebbles. These are not avoidable, but players will only take a few hitpoints worth of damage.

Players will also get damaged if they stand under Zalcano when she has fallen. Damage rate is much less than an orange symbol, dealing around 3-10 damage per tick, and the danger persists until Zalcano begins to rise again.

Max Hit Calculation[edit | edit source]

When attacking Zalcano with a pickaxe the max hit is calculated from the following table based on mining level plus where is the level requirement for the pickaxe being used.[1]

Mining Level Max Hit
105+ 34
95 - 104 33
85 - 94 32
75 - 84 31
1 - 74 30

Location[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Beneath Prifddinas336Member icon.png1Maplink

Drops[edit | edit source]

Players must do at least 30 damage to Zalcano's hitpoints and 30 damage to her shield to be eligible for drops, and 50 damage to be eligible for uniques/pet.[2][3]

Drops from the main table and from the tertiary table scale with the player's points from the kill. The points are calculated as shown in fig.1, For the tertiary table, the damage to hitpoints and shield are capped to a max of 400 and 300 respectively, for a maximum of 1,000 points.[4]

Where PM is points towards main table, PT is points towards tertiary table, H is damage to hitpoints and S is damage to shield.

The MVP, the player who deals the most damage to Zalcano, will also receive an additional 10% (rounded up) of their non-unique loot.

Drop rates estimated based on 655,595 kills from the Drop Rate Project, unless otherwise cited.

100%[edit | edit source]

Ashes are only dropped for the MVP. Players eligible for a drop will receive one crystal shard, players eligible for unique drops or pet will receive two shards and the MVP will receive three shards.[3]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Crystal shard.png: Zalcano drops Crystal shard with rarity Always in quantity 1-3Crystal shard1–3AlwaysNot soldN/A
Ashes.png: Zalcano drops Ashes with rarity Always in quantity 1Ashes1AlwaysNot sold1

Runes[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Blood rune.png: Zalcano drops Blood rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 95-480Blood rune95–4801/3637,715–190,56022,800–115,200
Cosmic rune.png: Zalcano drops Cosmic rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 295-926Cosmic rune295–9261/3642,480–133,3448,850–27,780
Death rune.png: Zalcano drops Death rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 201-830Death rune201–8301/3640,803–168,49021,708–89,640
Law rune.png: Zalcano drops Law rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 166-770Law rune166–7701/3622,742–105,49023,904–110,880
Soul rune.png: Zalcano drops Soul rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 57-388Soul rune57–3881/368,151–55,48410,260–69,840
Nature rune.png: Zalcano drops Nature rune with rarity 1/36 in quantity 1-842Nature rune1–8421/36185–155,770108–90,936

Materials[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Silver ore.png: Zalcano drops Silver ore with rarity 3/36 in quantity 102-800 (noted)Silver ore102–800 (noted)3/364,284–33,6004,590–36,000
Coal.png: Zalcano drops Coal with rarity 1/36 in quantity 169-926 (noted)Coal169–926 (noted)1/3633,293–182,4224,563–25,002
Mithril ore.png: Zalcano drops Mithril ore with rarity 2/36 in quantity 56-387 (noted)Mithril ore56–387 (noted)2/365,544–38,3135,432–37,539
Adamantite ore.png: Zalcano drops Adamantite ore with rarity 2/36 in quantity 51-289 (noted)Adamantite ore51–289 (noted)2/3650,184–284,37612,240–69,360
Runite ore.png: Zalcano drops Runite ore with rarity 2/36 in quantity 3-26 (noted)Runite ore3–26 (noted)2/3633,786–292,8125,760–49,920
Gold ore.png: Zalcano drops Gold ore with rarity 3/36 in quantity 86-721 (noted)Gold ore86–721 (noted)3/3611,696–98,0567,740–64,890
Steel bar.png: Zalcano drops Steel bar with rarity 3/36 in quantity 78-534 (noted)Steel bar78–534 (noted)3/3626,988–184,7644,680–32,040
Mithril bar.png: Zalcano drops Mithril bar with rarity 3/36 in quantity 56-459(noted)Mithril bar56–459 (noted)3/3637,352–306,15310,080–82,620
Adamantite bar.png: Zalcano drops Adamantite bar with rarity 2/36 in quantity 15-107 (noted)Adamantite bar15–107 (noted)2/3628,800–205,4405,760–41,088
Runite bar.png: Zalcano drops Runite bar with rarity 2/36 in quantity 3-27 (noted)Runite bar3–27 (noted)2/3637,521–337,6899,000–81,000
Uncut diamond.png: Zalcano drops Uncut diamond with rarity 2/36 in quantity 2-20 (noted)Uncut diamond2–20 (noted)2/366,146–61,460240–2,400
Uncut dragonstone.png: Zalcano drops Uncut dragonstone with rarity 2/36 in quantity 1-11 (noted)Uncut dragonstone1–11 (noted)2/3615,454–169,994600–6,600
Onyx bolt tips.png: Zalcano drops Onyx bolt tips with rarity 2/36 in quantity 4-41Onyx bolt tips4–412/3634,048–348,9922,400–24,600
Pure essence.png: Zalcano drops Pure essence with rarity 1/36 in quantity 784-4803 (noted)Pure essence784–4,803 (noted)1/361,568–9,6061,568–9,606

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Every Zalcano kill has a 1/200 chance of rolling the crystal tool seed table which includes a 1/40 chance for uncut onyx. Of the players participating in the kill, the players with more points have a higher chance of rolling this table. The Zalcano shard and Smolcano are rolled independently per player.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Crystal tool seed.png: Zalcano drops Crystal tool seed with rarity 1/200 in quantity 1Crystal tool seed11/2002,807,899300,000
Zalcano shard.png: Zalcano drops Zalcano shard with rarity 1/750 in quantity 1Zalcano shard11/7501/1,500[5]15,731960
Smolcano.png: Zalcano drops Smolcano with rarity 1/2,250 in quantity 1Smolcano11/2,250Not soldN/A
Uncut onyx.png: Zalcano drops Uncut onyx with rarity 1/8,000 in quantity 1Uncut onyx11/8,0001,721,089120,000

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
21 May 2020

Smolcano now has a static 1/2,250 drop rate for any eligible players instead of 1/1,500 to 1/2,775 that scaled to player performance.

27 February 2020

Damage dealt with imbued tephra now scales to the player's Smithing and Runecraft levels.

20 February 2020
  • The Zalcano drop table has been updated again. The chance of landing on the crystal tool seed table is now 1/200 with a 1/8000 chance of getting an uncut onyx. The Zalcano shard has been removed from this table and will now be rolled as a tertiary drop (like pets). The amount of mithril, gold and silver ore received as drops has also been reduced.
13 February 2020
  • The MVP now no longer receives a second roll on the standard loot table, but instead gets 10% extra non-unique loot.
  • Every kill will now trigger a 1/500 roll which, if it passes, will add a unique to the drop table. A separate roll will then be made to decide which unique that will be. Finally, the unique is given to an eligible player, the likelihood of which is determined upon each player's participation. This does not apply to Smolcano, the pet drop.
  • The non-unique drop table for Zalcano has been rebalanced to include less valuable items.
8 August 2019
  • Zalcano's symbols now take slightly longer before dealing damage.
  • The damage taken when standing beneath Zalcano after she's been knocked down has been reduced.
  • The quick-pass option on Zalcano's prison barrier has been removed, as it served a limited purpose.
  • The falling rocks during the Zalcano encounter now deal damage when hitting the floor rather than the player to be consistent with other similar mechanics.
  • Zalcano now takes a consistent amount of time to destroy the glowing rock.
  • Zalcano's death animation has been extended to prevent her from reappearing for a brief moment.
  • The drops from the Golem will now only be given to the player who deals the most damage.
1 August 2019
  • Players who contribute a fair amount now receive a drop on Zalcano's better loot table, with the quantities of items being received scaling based on individual contribution.
  • Everybody above a certain threshold of contributing will have a chance of receiving any of the unique drops, including the pet, with the chance scaling based on individual contribution.
  • The MVP still receives Zalcano's additional drop, but from a "lesser" drop table

References[edit | edit source]

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