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Zahur is a woman in Nardah found in the building just north of the bank. She can clean noted or unnoted grimy herbs for 200 coins per herb. However, noted grimy herbs require the Desert Hard Diary.

Decanting potions[edit | edit source]

Zahur will decant potions for free. Players can either talk with her or use her right-click Combine option. She will decant all the potions in the player's inventory, noted or unnoted, and the player may choose what dose potions. If the player does not have enough empty vials in their inventory to hold the requested potions, Zahur will automatically sell them the required number of vials at their current Grand Exchange price plus 2 coins each.

Unfinished potions[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of the Desert Hard Diary, or when wearing the Herblore cape, Zahur will make unfinished potions for you for 200 coins per potion. You can take noted clean herbs and vials of water and she will give you noted unfinished potions in return for 200 coins per potion. Right clicking her, after the Diary completion, will make the option to "Make unfinished potion(s)" appear, it will combine all the herbs and vials given that you have enough gp in the inventory. Going through the dialogue with her does not give an option to combine.

Cleaning Grimy Herbs[edit | edit source]

Zahur will clean grimy herbs in the players inventory for 200 gp each. Right clicking her will show the option "clean", which will bring you into a confirmation dialogue;asking if you'd like to have her clean your herbs for 200 gp each. This can also be accomplished by talking to Zahur and choosing "Please clean all my herbs." At first she will only clean unnoted grimy herbs. However, if the player has completed the Desert Hard Diary, Zahur will clean noted herbs for the same price of 200 gp each.

Calculator[edit | edit source]

Item Materials Materials Cost Zahur Fee Item Price Profit/Loss
Avantoe potion (unf).pngAvantoe potion (unf) Avantoe.pngAvantoe
Vial of water.pngVial of water
1,726 200 1,854 -69
Cadantine potion (unf).pngCadantine potion (unf) Cadantine.pngCadantine
Vial of water.pngVial of water
1,652 200 1,765 -84
Dwarf weed potion (unf).pngDwarf weed potion (unf) Dwarf weed.pngDwarf weed
Vial of water.pngVial of water
498 200 595 -100
Guam potion (unf).pngGuam potion (unf) Guam leaf.pngGuam leaf
Vial of water.pngVial of water
40 200 95 -142
Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander potion (unf) Harralander.pngHarralander
Vial of water.pngVial of water
785 200 875 -107
Irit potion (unf).pngIrit potion (unf) Irit leaf.pngIrit leaf
Vial of water.pngVial of water
744 200 863 -78
Kwuarm potion (unf).pngKwuarm potion (unf) Kwuarm.pngKwuarm
Vial of water.pngVial of water
1,406 200 1,535 -68
Lantadyme potion (unf).pngLantadyme potion (unf) Lantadyme.pngLantadyme
Vial of water.pngVial of water
1,393 200 1,536 -54
Marrentill potion (unf).pngMarrentill potion (unf) Marrentill.pngMarrentill
Vial of water.pngVial of water
33 200 74 -156
Ranarr potion (unf).pngRanarr potion (unf) Ranarr weed.pngRanarr weed
Vial of water.pngVial of water
6,459 200 6,642 -14
Snapdragon potion (unf).pngSnapdragon potion (unf) Snapdragon.pngSnapdragon
Vial of water.pngVial of water
9,285 200 9,541 59
Tarromin potion (unf).pngTarromin potion (unf) Tarromin.pngTarromin
Vial of water.pngVial of water
134 200 199 -132
Toadflax potion (unf).pngToadflax potion (unf) Toadflax.pngToadflax
Vial of water.pngVial of water
2,037 200 2,200 -34
Torstol potion (unf).pngTorstol potion (unf) Torstol.pngTorstol
Vial of water.pngVial of water
8,074 200 8,329 58

Update history[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 September 2020
(update | poll)

Zahur is now able to clean banknoted herbs for her usual fee of 200 gp per herb.

5 March 2015
(update | poll)

Zahur will now create unfinished potions for 200 gp each (by bringing noted or unnoted materials) if you have completed the Desert Hard Diary.

13 June 2013
(update | poll)

The herbalist in Nardah will now combine vials of potions.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.