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For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/Level up table.
Workshop icon.png

The Workshop in a player-owned house is a room where the player can create heraldic items, clockwork toys, and flatpack items as well as repair some degraded armour and gather an unlimited amount of specific tools from a tool store.

This room can be created with 15 Construction and 10,000.

After building a workbench in the workshop, a player can create furniture in the form of a flatpack.

There are 5 hotspots available:

Clockmaking[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Table Materials Craftable items Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost
16 Crafting table 1.png Crafting table 1 Oak plank.pngOak plank x4 Toy horseys and wooden cats 240 N/A 2,068
25 Crafting table 2.png Crafting table 2 Crafting table 1 icon.pngCrafting table 1
Molten glass.pngMolten glass
Previous + clockwork 1 108 2,176
34 Crafting table 3.png Crafting table 3 Crafting table 2 icon.pngCrafting table 2
Molten glass.pngMolten glass x2
Previous + toy soldiers, toy dolls, and clockwork suits 2 216 2,392
42 Crafting table 4.png Crafting table 4 Crafting table 3 icon.pngCrafting table 3
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Previous + sextants, watches, toy mice, and clockwork cats 120 1,034 3,426

Heraldry stands[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Heraldry stand Materials Makes Experience Cost
16 Pluming stand.png Pluming stand Oak plank.pngOak plank x2 Heraldic helmets 120 1,034
41 Shield easel.png Shield easel Oak plank.pngOak plank x4 Heraldic helmets and kiteshields 240 2,068
66 Banner easel.png Banner easel Oak plank.pngOak plank x8
Bolt of cloth.pngBolt of cloth x2
Heraldic helmets, kiteshields, and banners 510 6,042

Repair benches[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Repair bench Materials Repairable items Experience Cost
15 Repair bench.png Repair bench Oak plank.pngOak plank x2 Broken arrows and staves 120 1,034
35 Whetstone.png Whetstone Oak plank.pngOak plank x4
Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick
Broken arrows, staves, and rusty swords 260 2,262
55 Armour stand.png Armour stand Oak plank.pngOak plank x8
Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick
Armour such as Barrows equipment, plus all of the above. 500 4,330

Tool stores[edit | edit source]

Tool stores are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level tool store can be built, the player must first build the one before it.

Construction Level Tool store Materials Contains Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost
15 Tool store 1.png Tool store 1 Oak plank.pngOak plank x2 Saws, hammers, chisels and shears 120 N/A 1,034
25 Tool store 2.png Tool store 2 Tool store 1 icon.pngTool store 1
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Buckets, knives, spades, and tinderboxes 120 1,034 2,068
35 Tool store 3.png Tool store 3 Tool store 2 icon.pngTool store 2
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Brown aprons, glassblowing pipes, and needles 120 1,034 3,102
44 Tool store 4.png Tool store 4 Tool store 3 icon.pngTool store 3
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Amulet, necklace, ring, holy symbol, bracelet, and tiara moulds 120 1,034 4,136
55 Tool store 5.png Tool store 5 Tool store 4 icon.pngTool store 4
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Rakes, spades, trowels, seed dibbers, watering cans, and secateurs 120 1,034 5,170

Workbenches[edit | edit source]

Construction Level Workbench Materials Makes flatpacks Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost
17 Wooden workbench.png Wooden workbench Plank.pngPlank x5
Steel nails.pngNails x5
Up to level 20 143 N/A 1,500 - 5,570[1]
32 Oak workbench.png Oak workbench Oak plank.pngOak plank x5 Up to level 40 300 N/A 2,585
46 Steel framed workbench.png Steel framed workbench Oak plank.pngOak plank x6
Steel bar.pngSteel bar x4
Up to level 60 440 N/A 4,486
62 Bench with vice.png Bench with vice Steel framed workbench icon.pngSteel framed workbench
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Steel bar.pngSteel bar
Up to level 80 140 1,380 5,866
77 Bench with lathe.png Bench with lathe Bench with vice icon.pngBench with vice
Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Steel bar.pngSteel bar
Any flatpackable item 140 1,380 7,246
  1. Cost changes depending on the type of nails used.