Water Ravine Dungeon

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The Water Ravine Dungeon is an underground cave located at the source of the River Elid, north of Uzer. It is featured heavily in the Spirits of the Elid quest.

The entrance to the cave.

The cave is entered by using a rope on the root of the tree above the cave. Once inside, there is a door that can only be passed if the player has the Ancestral key and is wearing the Robes of elidinis. During the quest, the Black golem, White golem, and Grey golem are fought inside the cave to gain access to the lake area, where Tirrie, Nirrie, and Hallak assist the player in breaking the curse on Nardah.

Although there are baiting and luring spots in this dungeon, it is rarely used due to the requirements to access and distance to a bank.

A cannon cannot be placed beyond the initial gate. Attempting to do so will prompt the text "You feel a strange compulsion not to set up your cannon here."