Volcanic sulphur

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Not to be confused with Sulphur.
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Volcanic sulphur is a mineral that can be mined within the Lovakengj sulphur mine on the northern side. Mining volcanic sulphur requires level 42 Mining to obtain, and grants 25 Mining experience and an average of 0.033% favour.

It takes approximately 925 Sulphur to get 30% Lovakengj favour. To achieve 100% Lovakengj favour approximately 3,804 volcanic sulphur must be mined.

While mining in the sulphur mine, players should wear a form of face protection (face mask, gas mask or slayer helmet). Without protection, gas clouds within the mine will deal large amounts of damage to unprotected players. If the player wears any form of protection against them, the damage taken will be reduced by roughly 80% instead.

It is recommended to mine the volcanic sulphur deposits from the south or from the west to avoid taking excessive damage since the gas clouds cannot damage you when directly south or west of you.

Players can extend their stay at the sulphur deposits if they also wear the Hitpoints Cape and Regen Bracelet, as in combination these provide additional natural healing (+4 hp/min).

The sulphur clouds may be safespotted by luring a spider to the western-most sulphur deposit. This can be done by attacking the spider with auto-retaliate off (casting curse spells or splashing recommended). The safespot setup requires the player to stand on the southern tile of the western side with spider attacking from the north. This safespot works indefinitely regardless of the deposit being depleted or not, unlike the northern tile. Mining using this safespot will not show the mining animation, but you will continue to mine.

Recommended mining safespot location at the furthest west sulphur deposit

It is recommended that OSRS Mobile players activate 'tap to drop’ (located within Mobile Controls Settings) whilst afk mining sulphur, as unwanted sulphur can be dropped quickly.

Volcanic sulphur is used along with juniper charcoal, saltpetre, and a pot to create a dynamite pot, which is then added with a ball of wool to create dynamite, an item used to participate in the blast mine.

Mining Info[edit | edit source]

Volcanic sulphur (rock)
Level required Mining 42
Mining XP 25 xp
Rock Volcanic sulphur (rock)
Required tool Pickaxe
Respawn time 25.2 seconds

Products[edit | edit source]

Dynamite pot.pngDynamite pot
Member icon.png
  • None
  • None

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 March 2016

Fixed a bug where dying with 26 or more volcanic sulphur in the inventory lost all untradeable items. Volcanic sulphur is now destroyed on death.