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This article is about the boss. For the pet, see Vanguard (pet).

The Vanguard are a trio of Xeric's former commanders encountered in the Chambers of Xeric.

Each Vanguard is weak to a specific attack attack style, following the combat triangle:

  • The range Vanguard is weak to Melee attacks and can be identified by the rocks gathered beneath its tentacles.
  • The melee Vanguard is weak to Magic attacks and can be identified by the tentacles raised up in front of it.
  • The mage Vanguard is weak to Ranged attacks and can be identified by lack of tentacles.

Upon defeating all three Vanguards, the vanguard judgement will appear on the ground, giving the player some insight as to how the Vanguard came to be.

A group of players battle against the Vanguard.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The three Vanguards originally spawn underground. When a player gets near one of the holes, all three will burst from the ground.

All Vanguards attack three times with each attack; however, the magic and ranged Vanguards use AoE attacks (one always hitting the player while two are launched elsewhere). The melee Vanguard simply attacks the player three times for every attack it performs. Protection prayers will not nullify their damage, but they will reduce it.

The swirling mass around a Vanguard, indicating that the difference between the three's health is approaching the maximum threshold.

To harm the Vanguards, damage must be spread equally to all three Vanguards. If just one of the Vanguard is heavily damaged while the others have much higher health (a difference of 40% in groups of four or less, and 33.3% in groups of five or more), all the Vanguards will heal themselves back to full health upon shuffling; players will be able to tell when they've dealt too much damage via a swirling mass around them.

To stop this from occurring, the Vanguards' health must be within similar range of the other Vanguards by the time they shuffle positions. Stomp damage is applied to players under them when they shuffle; this damage will not occur when they attack players. When the Vanguards shuffle, they will lose aggression over any players; standing in the corners will typically only cause one of them to attack.

As uncontrolled high damage is detrimental, weapons with low damage per hit such as toxic blowpipe are highly recommended. It may also be worthwhile to not activate damage boosting prayers and unequip gear that increases damage if there is a risk of dealing too much damage. Knowing the maximum hit for each weapon used is helpful.

It should be noted that the ranged Vanguard is static, and will be unable to attack players that are under it. The melee and magic Vanguards will attempt to move out if the player is under them. The melee Vanguard often does not attack players next to the walls or edges as it cannot go too far from its spawn point, and it will back away if it is attacked from these spots until the attacker is in its range. In addition to this, Vanguards take no damage if they start shuffling, even if a damaging attack was headed their way. They will also slowly regenerate health passively. It is not recommended to use the dragon warhammer special on the Vanguards as their Defence resets after they return to their shell. Dragon claws or toxic blowpipe special attacks may be more useful, provided that they are used with caution as to not damage them over the threshold.

Drops[edit | edit source]

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Vanguard judgement.png: Vanguard drops Vanguard judgement with rarity Always in quantity 1Vanguard judgement1Always[2]Not sold0
Elder (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Elder (+)(4) with rarity Always in quantity 1Elder (+)(4)1Always[A 1]Not sold24
Twisted (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Twisted (+)(4) with rarity Always in quantity 1Twisted (+)(4)1Always[A 1]Not sold24
Kodai (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Kodai (+)(4) with rarity Always in quantity 1Kodai (+)(4)1Always[A 1]Not sold24

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Xeric's aid (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Xeric's aid (+)(4) with rarity Always in quantity 1-2Xeric's aid (+)(4)1–2AlwaysNot sold24–48
Revitalisation (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Revitalisation (+)(4) with rarity 1/2 in quantity 1Revitalisation (+)(4)11/2Not sold24
Overload (+)(4).png: Vanguard drops Overload (+)(4) with rarity 1/3 in quantity 1Overload (+)(4)11/3[A 2]Not sold30
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Vanguard's combat style determines which potion is dropped.
  2. At least one Overload (+)(4) is given per Vanguard room.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 May 2020
(update | poll)

  • Vanguards now have a visual cue that indicates whether their health is too high or low.
  • The Vanguards will now heal themselves when their health differs by 40% in groups of four or less rather than 33%.
21 May 2020
(update | poll)

  • Vanguards' defence levels were lowered and their hitpoints were increased.
  • The melee Vanguard's magic and melee defences were swapped to better suit the combat triangle.
  • The Vanguards' aggression range was reduced and one of the spawn positions was shifted.
  • At least one overload drop is guaranteed from a Vanguard room.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. DISCLAIMER: The stats displayed on this page can vary based on the player with the highest combat level. The stats shown are scaled for a player with maxed combat stats.
  2. The book is dropped once all Vanguards are dead