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Vanescula Drakan is one of three vampyre nobles, alongside her brothers, Ranis and Lowerniel Drakan. Both Vanescula and Ranis run Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer for Lord Drakan.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Vanescula was raised by unknown parents alongside her brothers (Lowerniel, Ranis and Draynor) on the vampyre homeworld of Vampyrium and immersed in a society created by the god Zaros. After her father had honed Lowerniel's hunting skills, he decided to take Vanescula along for the hunt, something which she was particularly skilled in, as Lowerniel noted. Vanescula grew up to become one of the most powerful amongst her kind, although she preferred to lay low.

Eventually, Zaros returned to the planet and requested the vampyres to join him and contribute to his empire. Vanescula went along with her brothers, although the role she played is unknown. She did however favour the structure of the Zarosian Empire compared to modern-day Morytania.

Overseeing Morytania[edit | edit source]

Vanescula took no part in the rebellion against Zaros, but stood by Lowerniel's side in his later conquest of Hallowvale, although she supposedly only played a minor part in that. Vanescula attended to Morytania's needs alongside her brother Ranis. She did not get along well with Draynor, disliking the titles he had and considered him to be a coward. She expected him to die quickly after he was stuck on the wrong side of the Salve, severely weakened.

As the vampyric population grew, Lowerniel became obessed with a stone, neglecting all of his other duties. Over time, the human population began to dwindle due to their poor living conditions and the constant blood tithing. Vanescula loathed Lowerniel for this and began a plot to dispose of him, but she knew she couldn't do it alone as most of the vampyre population supported him.

Sometime during the Fifth Age, she obtained a servant, Sarius Guile.

Interest in the Myreque[edit | edit source]

During the Darkness of Hallowvale, Vanescula is first seen drinking some blood tithes alongside Ranis and Vanstrom Klause. After the latter nearly killed the player, Vanescula, seeing the Myreque as potential to dispose her brother, sent Sarius to stop Vanstrom from killing them. She then deemed it worth her time to align herself with the Myreque following the incident.

During the final cutscene of A Taste of Hope, she and Vanstrom Klause visit Ranis' corpse at Ver Sinhaza. Vanstrom states that Lowerniel wouldn't like the news, while Vanescula states that she is counting on it.

Recruiting the Myreque[edit | edit source]

In Sins of the Father she plays a much bigger and more significant role, working together with the Myreque in an attempt to overthrow her brother Lowerniel. Her reason for doing so is revealed as being her worry for the future of the Vampyre society, which she fears is "falling apart", as Lowerniel doesn't appear to care for the vampyres at all.

During her joint effort with the Myreque, she reveals Safalaan's history and heritage to him, hoping to secure his support in return. She also advises the Myreque to obtain some wood from the Blisterwood tree, in a bid to strenghten the Ivandis Flail, claiming that the current Ivandis Flail wouldn't stand a chance against Lowerniel. To that end, she helps the Myreque infiltrate Darkmeyer for the first time. Vanescula also had them kill Damien Leucurte, as they needed a noble's blood to mask their disguise, since her blood would be too recognizable.

After the blisterwood logs had been obtained by the player and the Ivandis flail had been upgraded into a Blisterwood flail, Vanescula assembles a small group of loyalists alongside the Myreque to Castle Drakan, hoping to insert the Myreque in while she and her loyalists would stop any vyre from entering the castle. Upon doing so, they are met by Vanstrom, who expresses suspicion, but she manages to convince him by claiming that she pretended to ally with the Myreque so they could be entrapped and destroyed. Before the Myreque are able to get in however, Lowerniel comes out and challenges her claims, demanding the truth. Vanescula admits that she sees him unfit to rule and thus attempted to dispose of him. Enraged by her treachery, Lowerniel then vaporizes Vanescula's loyalists and half of the Myreque, before apprehending her in a magical grip and bringing her inside to talk.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Vanescula may be derived from the Latin noun "vanescere", which means "to vanish".
  • The suffix "-cula" in her name seems to be a reference to the vampire Count Dracula, the main antagonist of Bram Stoker's 1897 horror novel Dracula.