Tyrannical ring (i)

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Tyrannical ring (i) detail.png

The Tyrannical ring (i) is an upgraded version of the regular Tyrannical ring. It can be imbued as a reward from the Nightmare Zone, costing 650,000 reward points, or as a reward from Soul Wars, costing 260 Zeal Tokens. Its stats are doubled compared to the tyrannical ring.

Dying while in an unsafe PvP area will cause the imbued ring to lose its imbued bonus, and the player will have to obtain the reward points or Zeal Tokens again to imbue it again. Because the imbued variants of rings are untradeable, they are kept on death when a player dies outside of a PvP zone and will retain their imbued status.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 November 2014
(update | poll)

The inventory models for imbued rings have now been updated to be a touch lighter than the standard version of the rings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On release, the ring was weightless. This was changed in an update.
  • The tyrannical ring (i) is one of four rings that weigh more than 0 kg, the others being its standard variant, the granite ring and the granite ring (i).