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The timeline is a large list found in the northern part of the Library Historical Archive.

It contains a record of rulers who reigned Great Kourend beginning from the kingdom's founding.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Timeline.

Kingdom of Great Kourend Timeline

Ruler of Kourend Decades of Rule
King Rada I 10th BA
King Rada II 9th BA - 7th BA
King Rada III 6th BA
Council of Elders 5th BA - 1st BA
Lord Hosidius I 1st
Lord Lovakengj I 2nd
Lord Shayzien I 3rd
Lord Piscarilius I 4th
Lord Arceuus I 5th
Lord Hosidius II 6th
Lord Lovakengj II 7th
Lord Shayzien II 8th
Lord Piscarilius II 9th
Lord Arceuus II 10th
Lord Hosidius III 11th
Lord Lovakengj III 12th
King Shayzien III 13th - 14th
King Shayzien IV 15th - 17th
King Shayzien V 18th - 19th
King Shayzien VI 20th - 22nd
King Hosidius IV 23rd - 28th
King Hosidius V 29th - 31st
King Shayzien VII 32nd - 37th
Xeric 38th - 47th
King Byrne I 48th - 50th
King Byrne II 51st - 52nd
Queen Biyrene I 53rd
King Byrne III 54th
Queen Biyrene I 55th - 56th
Queen Biyrene II 57th - 58th
King Hagen I 59th - 60th
King Byrne IV 61st - 63rd
Queen Sevil I 64th - 67th
Queen Biyrene III 68th - 70th
King Hagen II 71st - 75th
King Rada IV 76th - 80th
King Hagen III 81st - 83rd
King Agata I 84th - 88th
King Hagen IV 89th - 92nd
Queen Sevil II 93rd - 95th
King Hern I 96th - 99th
King Agata II 100th - 101st
King Agata III 102nd - 104th
Queen Sevil III 105th - 108th
King Hern II 109th - 111th
King Hern III 112th - 114th
King Hagen V 115th - 116th
King Agata IV 117th - 120th
None (War of the Five Houses) 121st - 123rd
King Kharedst I 124th - 125th
King Kharedst II 126th - 129th
King Karreig I 130th
King Karreig II 131st
King Kharedst III 132nd - 134th
King Kharedst IV 135th - 139th
The Kourend Council 140th - Present

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Curiously there are no overlaps in the timeline, although after King Shayzien III broke the Accord of twill, it would be extremely unlikely that all rulers of Great Kourend ruled only in full decades.