Temple key

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Temple key detail.png

The temple key is a key obtained in the Forthos Dungeon that allows the player to enter the east and west gates within the dungeon. The player only needs to be holding the key while entering the gates for the first time, after which the doors will be permanently unlocked.

To obtain the key, the player must offer 100 (or 200 if the player attempted to attack Olbertus while speaking to him) babydragon bones, dragon bones, lava dragon bones or superior dragon bones to the sacred bone burner found within the middle of the dungeon. To access the sacred bone burner, the player must first get the temple coin from Olbertus and use it on the stone relief in the Crypt of the Moon.

If lost, the key can be re-obtained from Brother Aimeri.

This key cannot be placed on the steel key ring.