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The sulphur mine is located in the north-western section of Lovakengj in Great Kourend. Volcanic sulphur deposits are found here, which require level 42 Mining, and grant 25 Mining experience and an average of 0.033% favour per volcanic sulphur mined.

Due to the caustic gases found in the mine, breathing filters like the face mask, or the Slayer helmet must be equipped to reduce damage taken from them. It is highly advised to wear one of these items when venturing through the mine. However, even when wearing one of these protective devices, it is possible to still take rapid damage and die quickly if you're not paying attention.

It is possible to safespot the clouds by luring a spider. In order to successfully lure a spider, it is recommended to use a non-damaging magic spell like Confuse or Weaken on it to get it focused on you. Attacking it normally, one would likely kill it in one hit, for this reason, turn auto-retaliate off. Go to the sulphur deposit furthest west, lure a spider to the north of you and stand on the southern tile of the western side. This safespot works indefinitely regardless of the deposit being depleted or not, unlike the northern tile. Mining using this safespot will not show the mining animation, but you will continue to mine.

Rocks[edit | edit source]

RockMining MiningQuantity
Volcanic sulphur.pngVolcanic sulphur42255

Safespots[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The gas clouds in the mine reflect sulphur mining in real life, where sulphur miners must wear masks to protect themselves from the caustic gas that singes the eyes, throats and lungs, and even dissolves teeth.