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Steel gauntlets are a reward for completing the Family Crest quest and an heirloom of the Fitzharmon family. Players can take them to any of the three brothers from the quest and have them enchant the gauntlets with a special ability. The magic of these gauntlets will always return them to the head of the Fitzharmon house should they be lost, so if a player loses the gauntlets, they can be retrieved from Dimintheis with their previous enchantment.

Before completion of the Family Pest miniquest, players can only have one pair of gauntlets at a time. After completing the miniquest, Dimintheis will hand the player as many pairs of steel gauntlets as they want for free.

The enchanted gauntlets[edit | edit source]

Players can bring their pair of gauntlets to one of the Fitzharmon brothers to have them enchanted. Before completing Family Pest, players must pay 25,000 coins to change their enchantment; after the miniquest, they can be enchanted for free.

Cooking gauntlets[edit | edit source]

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Bring the gauntlets to Caleb, northeast from the Catherby bank. Cooking gauntlets greatly decrease the chance of burning lobsters, swordfish, monkfish, sharks, and anglerfish.

Goldsmith gauntlets[edit | edit source]

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Bring the gauntlets to Avan at the Al Kharid mine. Goldsmith gauntlets increase the Smithing experience of smelting gold by 2.5x, from 22.5 to 56.25. This makes smelting gold bars more efficient, and allows players to earn over 300k Smithing xp per hour at the Blast furnace, the fastest in the game.

Chaos gauntlets[edit | edit source]

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Bring the gauntlets to Johnathon in the Jolly Boar Inn north-east of Varrock (near the Wilderness border). Chaos gauntlets increase the max hit of bolt spells by 3.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is revealed in the Family Pest miniquest that the gauntlets are not really a family heirloom, and the fact that they always return to the head of the Fitzharmon house when lost is explained by the fact that Dimintheis simply has many pairs of them.