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Spria is a Slayer master and daughter of Turael. She lives in a house in Draynor Village and assists the player with Sarah's bounty during the quest A Porcine of Interest.

After the quest, she acts as a Slayer master, assigning the same tasks as her father Turael. However, she cannot change a slayer task from another master into a less difficult one; she will instruct players to visit Turael to do so.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Weight
Banshees 15-50 Slayer 15 , Combat level 20 , completion of Priest in Peril Twisted Banshee 8
Bats 15-50 Combat level 5 Giant bat, Deathwing 7
Birds 15-50 None Chicken, Mounted terrorbird, Terrorbird, Rooster, Chompy bird, Seagull, Penguin, Duck, Duckling 6
Bears 15-50 Combat level 13 Grizzly bear cub, Bear cub, Grizzly bear, Callisto 7
Cave bugs 10-20 Slayer 7 None 8
Cave crawlers 15-50 Slayer 10 , Combat level 10 None 8
Cave slime 10-20 Slayer 17 , Combat level 15 None 8
Cows 15-50 Combat level 5 Cow calf, Undead cow 8
Crawling Hands 15-50 Slayer 5 , completion of Priest in Peril None 8
Dogs 15-50 Combat level 15 Jackal, Guard dog, Wild dog, Reanimated dog 7
Dwarves 15-50 Combat level 6 Black Guard, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf gang member 7
Ghosts 15-50 Combat level 13 Tortured soul 7
Goblins 15-50 None Cave goblin guards, Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike 7
Icefiends 15-50 Combat level 20 None 8
Kalphites 15-50 Combat level 15 Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen 6
Lizards 15-50 Slayer 22 Small Lizard, Desert Lizard, Sulphur Lizard (Slayer 44 ) 8
Minotaurs 10-20 Combat level 7 None 7
Monkeys 15-50 None Karamjan Monkey, Monkey Guard, Monkey Archer, Monkey Zombie, Demonic Gorilla, Tortured Gorilla 6
Rats 15-50 None Giant rat, Dungeon rat, Crypt rat, Brine rat, Hell-Rat Behemoth 7
Scorpions 15-50 Combat level 7 King Scorpion, Poison Scorpion, Pit Scorpion, Scorpia, Lobstrosity, Reanimated scorpion 7
Skeletons 15-50 Combat level 15 Skeleton mage, Skeletons in the Stronghold of Security and Ancient Cavern, Vet'ion, Skogre, Shayzien Crypts Skeletons, Skeleton fremennik 7
Sourhogs 15-50 Completion of A Porcine of Interest None 8
Spiders 15-50 None Giant spider, Shadow spider, Giant crypt spider, Sarachnis, Temple Spider, Venenatis 6
Wolves 15-50 Combat level 20 Big Wolf, Desert Wolf, Ice wolf, Jungle wolf, White wolf 7
Zombies 15-50 Combat level 10 Monkey Zombie, Undead chicken, Undead cow, Undead Druid, Undead one, Zombie rat, Zogre, Vorkath 7
Total task weight 180

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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