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The Spinning wheel interface.

A spinning wheel is a device used with the Crafting skill to spin fibers into strings. Spinning wheels are marked on the map by this symbol: Spinning wheel icon.png. The following table shows what fibers can be spun into what strings using a spinning wheel:

Fibers String Crafting Level Experience
Wool Ball of wool 1 2.5
Golden wool Golden fleece 40 2.5
Flax Bow string 10 15
Sinew Crossbow string 10 15
Roots Crossbow string 10 15
Magic roots Magic string 19 30
Yak hair Rope 30 25

Locations[edit | edit source]

The most commonly used spinning wheel is located in Lumbridge Castle on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] because of its proximity to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] bank, and sheep to the north. However, Lumbridge is not close to any flax fields. Some players teleport to the Lletya flax field which is the closest to a bank. After banking a large amount of flax, use the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell to access the spinning wheels.

Second choice is Seers' Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold, due to the close distance between the spinning wheels and banks. Also, both spinning wheels are located near flax. The Seers' Village spinning wheel is objectively the best for those who have completed the medium Kandarin Diary, since it spins 33% faster than normal.

Other locations of spinning wheels include:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 March 2015
(update | poll)

You now get 33% faster spinning at the Seers' Village spinning wheel if you are wearing Kandarin headgear 2.