Sleepwalker (monster)

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This article is about Sleepwalkers summoned during The Nightmare's fight. For the NPC, see Sleepwalker.

Sleepwalkers are NPCs summoned by The Nightmare at the beginning of the second and final phases of the fight. The number of sleepwalkers summoned are dependent on the amount of players in the fight, ranging from 1-24.

They possess 10 health, but instantly die upon taking any damage, and any remaining sleepwalkers are absorbed by The Nightmare to charge up a powerful blast that hits all players in the room for a minimum of 5 damage. The more sleepwalkers she absorbs, the more damaging this blast becomes, capable of dealing over 70 damage to each player in larger instances. This damage is unavoidable, so kill as many sleepwalkers as possible before they reach The Nightmare.