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Slayer and its variety of unlockable Slayer monsters offer a number of benefits, from high-level combat equipment to resources used for training skills. Items like the Abyssal whip, Occult necklace, and Dragon hunter lance are amongst the strongest and most core pieces of combat gear, and high-level Slayer monsters like Gargoyles, Aberrant spectres, and Nechryaels drop all sorts of useful supplies. Training Slayer as an Ultimate Ironman presents a number of unique challenges, as the player must balance different equipment, monster drops, supplies, and more while fighting some of the most difficult monsters in the game.

For more information about combat equipment, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Equipment.

Early training: Natural History Quiz[edit | edit source]

Completing the Natural history quiz at the Varrock Museum rewards 1,000 Slayer experience, enough to get level 9 Slayer to start off training.

Recommended stats, quests and diaries[edit | edit source]

It is strongly recommended to have fairly high combat stats and have completed a lot of quests for blocks before starting Slayer training. While there are no real requirements for Slayer training and it can technically be started at a low level, high combat stats increase damage output considerably and allow the player to use the best equipment available. Low-level Slayer masters also have poor task lists and give fewer Slayer reward points than the higher-level ones. Having at least 85 combat is recommended for access to Nieve.

For more information about combat equipment, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Melee.

Recommended skills[edit | edit source]

  • Combat level 85+
  • Attack 70+
  • Strength 70+
  • Defence 70+
  • Magic 70+
  • Prayer 43+ for Protect from Melee
  • Construction 85 for the fairy ring and basic jewellery box in the player-owned house
    • Construction 80 is only required if using spicy stews to boost the Construction level
    • Having at least Construction 50 is strongly recommended for house portals and basic storage
  • Agility 80 for access to most shortcuts
  • Crafting 80 for an amulet of glory

Recommended quests and diaries[edit | edit source]

Useful unlocks at higher levels[edit | edit source]

At higher levels, players can unlock more useful perks. These include:

Slayer reward points[edit | edit source]

Main article: Slayer reward points

Slayer reward points can be used to buy useful gear, manage Slayer tasks, and unlock new training methods. Some of the early slayer reward point unlocks to prioritise are as follows:

Reward Cost Notes
Blocks/Skips 100/30 Points can be used block or skip undesired tasks, though this should be done sparingly at low Slayer levels to try and save points for more important uses. For more infomation, see the #Task Management section below.
Bigger and Badder 150 Gives a chance for a superior slayer monster spawning while on certain tasks, with bonus Slayer experience and unique drops.
Rune pouch 750 The rune pouch allows for three types of runes to be stored in a single inventory space, particularly useful for Ultimate Ironman players because of their inventory restriction.
Broader fletching 300 Allows for fletching broad arrows, which are often used as an efficient Fletching training method.
Malevolent masquerade 400 Unlocks the ability to craft the slayer helm, uniquely useful for training against Slayer monsters.
Herb sack 750 The herb sack can store up to 30 of each grimy herb in a single inventory space. Very useful for training Hunter at Herbiboar.

To quickly earn slayer reward points, some players use a technique known as "point boosting". This involves doing nine quick, easy tasks at a low-level Slayer master like Turael before doing the tenth task at a high-level Slayer master like Nieve or Konar quo Maten. Thus, the slayer reward point bonus for every tenth task can be reached very quickly to accumulate points in little time. This method can be particularly useful for early training, when trying to get some useful early unlocks such as superior slayer monster or the player's first few blocks.

Task management[edit | edit source]

Using slayer reward points, it is possible to skip or block undesired tasks, to allow for quicker or more focused Slayer training. The exact tasks to skip, block, and complete will depend on personal preference, as well as what Slayer master the player is training with. It should be noted that while bracelets of slaughter and expeditious bracelets can be used to further micro-manage slayer tasks, they are not generally recommended for Ultimate Ironman players due to the effort required to make them.

A list of Slayer tasks that are often skipped or blocked is as follows:

Slayer reward points can also be used to extend desirable tasks, or to unlock new tasks. A list of notable extends and unlocks is as follows:

Ultimately, the exact choices of blocks, skips, extensions, and unlocks will depend on player preference and gear. The information above should be seen as helpful suggestions, rather than as a strict guide for optimal Slayer training.