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These Skeletons are undead gorillas found in the multi-combat Ape Atoll Dungeon. Players are required to run past them during the Monkey Madness I quest in order to reach Zooknock. Players are advised to use Protect from Melee against these monsters, as they attack accurately and can easily overwhelm with their sheer numbers.

They are aggressive to all players who are not using a greegree to turn themselves into a monkey.

Their tendency to cluster around a player means that they are often a popular choice for players powertraining Ranged or Magic. Players who have access to Maniacal monkeys should kill them instead as these skeletons do not have any drops to mitigate supply costs.

It is worth noting that these skeletons have the tendency of spawning from the bones they drop. To prevent an overflow of extra skeletons, they will disappear into a pile of burning bones after a short while. When they respawn, they do so with an animation of them coming out of the ground, this is unique among other monsters. The bones cannot be taken away from Ape Atoll, and when teleporting out a message appears saying 'The skeleton bones you are carrying crumble to dust'. Ashes are then left in your inventory.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Ape Atoll Dungeon142Member icon.png17Maplink

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Ranged[edit | edit source]

As stated previously, skeleton monkeys provide excellent Ranged experience rates when attacked with chinchompas of any kind. High ranged bonus is advisable to reduce the amount of failed attacks. It should be advised that upon death, ALL chinchompas will be lost, and they will not be retrievable upon death. Low levels or people who suffer from lag should consider bringing far fewer chinchompas.

SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadVoid ranger helm.pngVoid ranger helm[1]Armadyl helmet.pngArmadyl helmetRobin hood hat.pngRobin hood hatArmadyl coif.pngBlessed coifArcher helm.pngArcher helm
NeckSalve amulet(ei).pngSalve amulet(ei)Necklace of anguish.pngNecklace of anguishAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryN/A
BackAva's assembler.pngAva's assemblerAva's accumulator.pngAva's accumulatorAva's attractor.pngAva's attractorFire cape.pngFire capeSaradomin cloak.pngVestment cloak
BodyVoid knight top.pngVoid knight top [1]Armadyl chestplate.pngArmadyl chestplateArmadyl d'hide body.pngBlessed d'hide bodyBlack d'hide body.pngBlack d'hide bodyMonk's robe top.pngMonk's robe top
LegsVoid knight robe.pngVoid knight robe [1]Armadyl chainskirt.pngArmadyl chainskirtArmadyl chaps.pngBlessed chapsBlack d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chapsMonk's robe.pngMonk's robe
WeaponBlack chinchompa.pngBlack chinchompaRed chinchompa.pngRed chinchompaChinchompa.pngChinchompaN/AN/A
ShieldBook of law.pngBook of lawTwisted buckler.pngTwisted bucklerOdium ward.pngOdium wardUnholy book.pngUnholy bookN/A
GlovesVoid knight gloves.pngVoid knight gloves [1]Barrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesArmadyl bracers.pngBlessed bracersN/AN/A
BootsPegasian boots.pngPegasian bootsRanger boots.pngRanger bootsArmadyl d'hide boots.pngBlessed bootsSnakeskin boots.pngSnakeskin bootsN/A
RingArchers ring (i).pngArchers ring (i)Archers ring.pngArchers ringRing of life.pngRing of lifeN/AN/A

Magic[edit | edit source]

Using Ancient Magicks to kill skeleton monkeys is considered one of the best magic training methods. Due to the high cost of runes it is recommended to bring good equipment to minimise the amount of splashing. Note that in some cases prayer bonus should be prioritised over magic bonus.

SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadAncestral hat.pngAncestral hat3rd age mage hat.png3rd age mage hatAhrim's hood.pngAhrim's hoodArmadyl mitre.pngMitreHelm of neitiznot.pngHelm of neitiznot
NeckSalve amulet(ei).pngSalve amulet(ei)Occult necklace.pngOccult necklaceAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryAmulet of magic.pngAmulet of magic
BackGod capes.gif God cape / Imbued god capeArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloak 4Ghostly cloak.pngGhostly cloakSaradomin cloak.pngVestment cloakFire cape.pngFire cape
BodyAncestral robe top.pngAncestral robe topAhrim's robetop.pngAhrim's robetop3rd age robe top.png3rd age robe topMystic robe top.pngMystic robe topXerician top.pngXerician top
LegsAncestral robe bottom.pngAncestral robe bottomAhrim's robeskirt.pngAhrim's robeskirt3rd age robe.png3rd age robeMystic robe bottom.pngMystic robe bottomXerician robe.pngXerician robe
WeaponKodai wand.pngKodai wandMaster wand.pngMaster wandAncient staff.pngAncient staffN/AN/A
ShieldArcane spirit shield.pngArcane spirit shieldMage's book.pngMage's bookBook of darkness.pngBook of darknessMalediction ward.pngMalediction wardUnholy book.pngUnholy book
GlovesTormented bracelet.pngTormented braceletBarrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesInfinity gloves.pngInfinity glovesRegen bracelet.pngRegen braceletN/A
BootsEternal boots.pngEternal bootsInfinity boots.pngInfinity bootsMystic boots.pngMystic bootsHoly sandals.pngHoly sandalsN/A
RingSeers ring (i).pngSeers ring (i)Seers ring.pngSeers ringBeacon ring.pngBeacon ringN/AN/A

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Ranging potion(4).pngRanging potion(4).pngTuna potato.pngTuna potato.png
Tuna potato.pngTuna potato.pngTuna potato.pngTuna potato.png
Monkey greegree.pngRing of dueling.pngStamina potion(4).pngHoly wrench.png

Drops[edit | edit source]

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Bones (Ape Atoll).png: Skeleton (Ape Atoll) drops Bones (Ape Atoll) with rarity Always in quantity 1Bones (Ape Atoll)1AlwaysNot sold0

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Skeleton champion scroll.png: Skeleton (Ape Atoll) drops Skeleton champion scroll with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1Skeleton champion scroll11/5,000Not sold0
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Only use with the full set of Void knight armour