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Sir Ehntor Prysin is one of King Roald's knights. His grandfather was Wally, the author of The Tales of Wally. He is located in the west part of Varrock Palace, on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]. He is the great-grandson of Wally who defeated Delrith 150 years ago, and, as such, is the custodian of Silverlight. To reduce the risk of Silverlight falling into the wrong hands, he gave a key to wizard Traiborn, Captain Rovin and kept a key for himself.

If lost, Sir Prysin will return Silverlight for a fee of 500 coins, stating the importance of the sword. If Shadow Of The Storm is completed, Sir Prysin will instead return Darklight for 1000 coins. Sir Prysin states that killing the Demon makes Silverlight stronger so he charges more to return it to you as Darklight although he does not refer to it as such, retaining the name Silverlight instead.

During the Demon Slayer quest, it is revealed by Captain Rovin that Sir Prysin got his very own luxurious room in the palace as well a knighthood only because his great-grandfather, Wally, defeated the demon. Captain Rovin also displays contempt for him, and when asked by the player to hand over one of the Silverlight case keys, he rudely snaps at the player, telling them that he reports directly to the king and not "that ill-bred moron". He also states that he only got the key because the king ordered Sir Prysin to hand one over to him.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Prysin is the solution to the hard cryptic clue: Surprising? I bet he is...

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Prysin's name is a play on the word "Surprising". His full name, as noted in the Varrock census is Ehntor Prysin which is, in turn, a play on the word "Enterprising".