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Salve amulet(i) detail.png

The salve amulet(i) is an upgraded version of the salve amulet. The salve amulet can be imbued into a salve amulet(i) through playing the minigame Nightmare Zone or Soul Wars. It costs 800,000 Nightmare Zone points to imbue or 320 Zeal Tokens. Amulets imbued through Soul Wars do not count for completing the Ardougne Diary task.[1]

When imbued it increases the wearer's damage and accuracy in Attack, Strength, and Ranged by 1/6th[2] while attacking undead monsters, as well as a 15% bonus to Magic.

An already imbued amulet can be upgraded to the Salve amulet(ei) by using Tarn's diary on it.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
8 August 2019

Some brown patches near the salve shard around the amulet's inventory icon have been removed.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 10 September 2019. (Archived from the original on 26 April 2020.) Mod Ash: "It's 1/6, so 16% is closer."