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Air rune detail.png

Runes are small, weightless, magical stones with icons on them representing various elements. Players need the right combinations of runes to cast spells using the Magic skill.

Runes can either be bought from the various Magic shops found throughout Old School RuneScape, created from rune essence through the Runecraft skill, procured from drops by killing monsters, or picked up from various spawns on the ground.

Elemental staves (the staff of earth, the staff of air, the staff of fire, and the staff of water) provide an unlimited amount of runes of their stated type to cast spells while wielding them.

Free-to-play runes[edit | edit source]

All players can use the runes listed below, though free players can only craft runes up to body runes (using the Runecraft skill). The two free-to-play Magic stores (in Varrock and Port Sarim) only sell the basic elemental runes, chaos runes, and death runes.

Rune Use Runecraft Level GE price
Air rune.png Air rune Used to cast air missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Free 1 5
Mind rune.png Mind rune Used to cast basic missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Strike). Free 2 3
Water rune.png Water rune Used to cast water missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Free 5 5
Earth rune.png Earth rune Used to cast earth missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Free 9 4
Fire rune.png Fire rune Used to cast fire missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Free 14 5
Body rune.png Body rune Used to cast low level curse spells. Free 20 5
Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune Used for item enchanting spells (jewellery, crossbow bolts, and orbs). Members 27 144
Chaos rune.png Chaos rune Used to cast low level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Bolt) as well as Crumble Undead. Members 35 52
Nature rune.png Nature rune Used for transmutation spells such as Low and High Level Alchemy and Superheat Item, as well as Binding. Members 44 185
Law rune.png Law rune Used to cast teleportation spells. Members 54 137
Death rune.png Death rune Used to cast medium level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Blast). Members 65 203

Members runes[edit | edit source]

The Wizards' Guild located in Yanille has the cheapest Magic shops available to members. Located on its upper floors, it sells every rune except astral, cosmic, wrath, and combination runes.

Only members can use the runes listed below.

Rune Use Level GE price
Astral rune.png Astral rune Used to cast Lunar spells. Lunar Diplomacy is required to craft and use these runes. 40 158
Blood rune.png Blood rune Used to cast high level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Wave). 77 397
Soul rune.png Soul rune Used to cast high level curse spells and in teleother spells. 90 143
Wrath rune.png Wrath rune Used to cast very high level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Surge). 95 352

Combination runes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Combination rune

These runes are members only, and act as one of each of their composite runes.

Rune Combination Level GE price
Mist rune.png Mist rune Air rune.pngAir rune
Water rune.pngWater rune
6 139
Dust rune.png Dust rune Air rune.pngAir rune
Earth rune.pngEarth rune
10 5
Mud rune.png Mud rune Water rune.pngWater rune
Earth rune.pngEarth rune
13 189
Smoke rune.png Smoke rune Air rune.pngAir rune
Fire rune.pngFire rune
15 60
Steam rune.png Steam rune Water rune.pngWater rune
Fire rune.pngFire rune
19 60
Lava rune.png Lava rune Earth rune.pngEarth rune
Fire rune.pngFire rune
23 4

Obtaining runes[edit | edit source]

Monster drops[edit | edit source]

Many monsters drop runes in RuneScape, but some more than others. These are some of the most notable and easy.

Runecraft[edit | edit source]

Main article: Runecraft

Runecraft is the skill of crafting runes from rune essence. Through this skill, players can create their own runes for use in Magic.

Rogue Trader[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rogue Trader

Runes can be obtained by completing Ali Morrisane's Rogue Trader minigame, which players may complete after finishing The Feud quest. After completing the minigame, players are able to obtain runes for a cheaper price. Unlike most shops, prices here stay the same while you are buying or selling runes.

Rune Price sold at
Air rune.png Air rune 4
Mind rune.png Mind rune 3
Water rune.png Water rune 4
Earth rune.png Earth rune 4
Fire rune.png Fire rune 4
Body rune.png Body rune 3
Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune 62
Chaos rune.png Chaos rune 150
Nature rune.png Nature rune 320
Law rune.png Law rune 300
Death rune.png Death rune 225
Blood rune.png Blood rune 500
Soul rune.png Soul rune 300

Rune shops[edit | edit source]

There are several Magic shops around RuneScape that sell runes. These are identified with the flame icon Magic shop icon.png on the map. Shop names in italics are members-only. Note wrath runes can not be bought from shops anywhere.

Shop Location Runes Sold Notes
Aubury South-east Varrock Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death Often frequented by players and bots, so its stock is frequently low.
Betty Port Sarim Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death
Ali Morrisane Al Kharid All except Astral Requires completion of The Feud and Rogue Trader
Magic Guild Yanille All except Astral and Cosmic 66 Magic required to enter the Magic Guild (can be boosted)
Baba Yaga Lunar Isle All except Cosmic Must have started the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Currently the only shop to sell Astral runes.
Mage Training Arena North of Duel Arena All except Astral Uses Pizazz points instead of coins as currency.
Mage Arena Level 50-55 Wilderness All except Astral and Soul Located in the mage bank, a non-wilderness area.
Mage of Zamorak Level 5 Wilderness, north of Edgeville All except Astral and Cosmic and Nature
Ape Atoll Ape Atoll Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Law Requires completion of Monkey madness II or a Greegree to access.
Pest Control Void Knights' Outpost Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death
Amlodd's Magical Supplies North-East Prifddinas All except Soul Requires Completion of Song of the Elves
TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store Mor Ul Rek Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Body, Chaos, Death Runes can only be bought with the Tokkul currency. Players often sell chaos runes here to get 300000 Tokkul to buy an uncut onyx from the Ore and Gem Store.
Thyria's Wares Arceuus Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Body, Chaos, Death Accessing it requires a player to have 20% Arceuus favour.

Barrows[edit | edit source]

Main article: Barrows

The Barrows minigame provides large amounts of catalytic runes (mind, chaos, death, and blood) from the chest, though very high combat skills are required in order to be successful at the Barrows.