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Realm of Memories was removed after an update.
As the contents of this page no longer exist in Old School RuneScape, this article is preserved for historical purposes.

This is a safe activity in an instanced area.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost.

The Realm of Memories was an area that was accessible after completion of the 20th Anniversary event. It contained old versions of creatures from across Gielinor as they initially appeared at Runescape 2 launch.

The early models that were present in the Realm were kept in enclosures surrounded by barriers, organized into four Ziggurat-like elevated quadrants.

Northwest Northeast
King scorpions


Black demons

Greater demons
Lesser demons

Soutwest Southeast
Black dragons

Red dragons
Blue dragons
Baby blue dragons
King black dragon


Lizard men

Note: Enemies did not drop any loot when killed in the realm of memories.

Players were able to enter each barriered sections and attack these enemies. The area was a safe area and all items were kept upon death, however the player was still be moved to their respawn point.

Players could also speak with former NPCs from RuneScape's history: the Gnome Child, Chuck, Thrander, Pious Pete and Big Mo.

Dwarf multicannons cannot be placed inside the Realm of Memories. If players attempted to place one, the Gnome Child stated The creatures of this realm are neither truly canonical nor cannonable.

After the end of 20th Anniversary event, players inside the Realm of Memories could find themselves on login in a blacker blackhole and be shortly taken to the top floor of Wizards' Tower next to where the portal to Realm of Memories used to be.

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  • The Realm of Memories was a copy of an area originally used for the 2018 All Stars: PVP Championship. Unlike the Realm of Memories this area remains in the game, although it is inaccessible.
  • There was a cabbage and a pile of ashes spawn in the southwest corner of the Realm, which respectively reference RuneScape creator Andrew Gower and 20th Anniversary event developer Mod Ash.