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Ranis Drakan is one of the three vampyre nobles who rule over the Sanguinesti region, alongside his siblings Vanescula Drakan and Lowerniel Drakan, overseeing Morytania and Darkmeyer for his brother alongside Vanescula.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Born to unknown parents, Ranis was raised by his parents alongside his siblings Lowerniel, Vanescula and Draynor on the vampyre homeworld of Vampyrium. He grew up in a society structure, that had been created by the god Zaros a long time ago. The burgeoning House Drakan became one of the most prominent Vampyre Houses and ultimately was able to subjugate the other seven Houses under Lowerniel's leadership.

Eventually, Zaros returned to the planet and requested the vampyres to join him and contribute to his empire. Ranis went along with his siblings.

Conquest of Hallowvale[edit | edit source]

Ranis participated in the fall of Hallowvale. He got along well with Verzik Vitur, as Vanescula stated that both of them liked to "play" with their food. The two nobles were able to capture a Saradominist Justiciar and tortured him for several days. The Justiciar soon gave in and revealed a tunnel underneath the royal castle, which allowed Lowerniel to send vampyres, who were able to abduct Ascertes Hallow in the process. This would become well known in history, with Ranis taking most of the credit, although Vanescula believed that Verzik deserved it more. He was compensated richly alongside Verzik for swiftly ending the war, although what he obtained from Lowerniel remains unknown.

Overseeing Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

As Lowerniel spent more and more time about the Stone of Jas, Ranis was tasked with Vanescula to oversee Morytania on his behalf. Ranis complied and did not appear to care much about the state of affairs, unaware that his sister was plotting to overthrow Lowerniel for his perceived incompetence in the growing society.

He is first seen outside Castle Drakan feasting on some blood tithes offered to him by a juvinate alongside Vanstrom Klause and Vanesceula.

Hunting the Myreque and Death[edit | edit source]

As the threat of the Myreque grew, Vanstrom approached Ranis and recruited him to help end the Myreque once and for all. The two headed to Ver Sinhaza and met with Verzik, who gave them her abomination to help track them down. Vanstrom went to Serafina's home and made an elaborate trap that resulted in Safalaan giving his blood, allowing the abomination to track them to their hideout. Believing that Myreque were annihilated by the abomination, Ranis went to Ver Sinhaza to claim that the Myreque were destroyed in front of an assembled audience.

He was then confronted by the player, revealing that the Myreque were not destroyed. Although he had numerous powers at his disposal, alongside some vyrewatch assistance, he was no match for the ivandis flail and was killed by them. His body was left briefly at the castle grounds, where it was found by Vanstrom and Vanescula. The incident shook the vampyre nobility, and the player soon became known as the Slayer. Ranis' death would contribute to Lowerniel stepping out once more to deal with the growing Myreque threat.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The player confronts Ranis Drakan with the Ivandis flail.

Ranis Drakan is level 233, and can only be harmed by the Ivandis flail. He will use melee and magic attacks that can hit up to 20. He can also cast Blood Barrage, which can heal him for half of the damage dealt. Occasionally, he will charge an attack and explode, hitting up to 30. The damage can be reduced by running away from him when he is charging the attack.

Ranis launches his blood bomb attack.

After he reaches 65% of his health, he'll summon two level 87 vyrewatch and will fly airborne. Every now and then, he will throw blood bombs at where you are currently standing, which can hit up to 40. It should be noted that this attack can hit the vyrewatch, so it can be used to aid combat, especially at lower levels. When you kill the vyrewatch, you will fight Ranis again until he reaches 25% of his health, where he will then summon two vyrewatch again.

After killing them, he will go berserk and attack the player. During this last phase, his attacks are much faster and accurate, but only have a max hit of 6. Using Protect from Melee will easily defeat him in the last phase.

If you die during the fight, your items can be retrieved from the chest located north-west of the noticeboard for 20,000 coins.