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Equip screen showing the "Ranged strength" bonus.

Ranged Strength is one of the Equipment Stats. As of 31 July 2014, Ranged Strength is shown on the equipment screen. This article is intended to remove confusion as to which ammunition deals more damage. One example is iron bolts versus bone bolts; the Ranged Strength stat shows that bone bolts are better, even though their level requirement for use is lower. The only four weapons which provide a Ranged Strength bonus are the Toxic blowpipe, which uses darts as ammunition, the Twisted bow, which can use arrows up to dragon, the Crystal bow, which makes its own arrows, and the Heavy ballista, which provides +15 Ranged Strength bonus. Darts, knives, chinchompas and red chinchompas are examples of other projectiles, which provide their own Ranged Strength bonus and are equipped to weapon slot. The Necklace of anguish and Ava's assembler are the only other pieces of equipment that provide a Ranged Strength bonus.

Below are the ranged bonuses of ammunition. Note that damage is also affected by the speed of the weapon used. Rune knives deal damage very quickly, despite having a max hit of less than 20 damage. For this reason, most ranged weapons are better used in rapid stance. Accurate stance will deal more damage per hit, but it is not worth the decreased speed. If accuracy is needed, a slower weapon such as a crossbow will provide the needed improvement, while dealing more damage to compensate for its slower speed.

Because cannonballs are fired from a dwarf cannon, and not directly from a player, they do not have a Ranged Strength stat. Cannonballs have a max hit of 30 and granite cannonballs have a max hit of 35 regardless of the player's Ranged level, although their accuracy depends on the player's highest attack bonus, regardless of whether it is slash, stab, crush, ranged, or magic. It will take into consideration the highest attack bonus of one of those.

Standard ammunition[edit | edit source]

Metals Arrows Brutal arrows Bolts Darts Javelins Knives Throwing axes
Bronze +7 +11 +10 +1 +25 +3 +5
Iron +10 +13 +46 +3 +42 +4 +7
Steel +16 +19 +64 +4 +64 +7 +11
Black N/A +22 N/A +6 N/A +8 N/A
Mithril +22 +34 +82 +7 +85 +10 +16
Adamant +31 +45 +100 +10 +107 +14 +23
Rune +49 +60 +115 +14 +124 +24 +26
Amethyst +55 N/A N/A N/A +135 N/A N/A
Dragon +60 N/A +122 +20 +150 +30 +47

Gem-tipped bolts (regardless of enchantment)[edit | edit source]

Tipped bolts Ranged Strength
Opal +14
Jade +30
Pearl +48
Red topaz +66
Sapphire +83
Emerald +85
Ruby +103
Diamond +105
Dragonstone +117
Onyx +120
Dragon (any gem) +122

Other bolts[edit | edit source]

Other Bolts Ranged Strength
Barbed bolts +12
Blurite bolts +28
Bolt racks +55
Bone bolts +49
Broad bolts +100
Amethyst broad bolts +115
Kebbit bolts +28
Long kebbit bolts +38
Silver bolts +36

Other ranged items[edit | edit source]

Item Ranged Strength
Training arrows +7
Ice arrows +16
Ogre arrows +22
Broad arrows +28
Broad bolts +100
Red chinchompas +15
Black chinchompas +30
Holy water +12
Craw's bow +60
Crystal bow +70
Twisted bow +20
Toxic blowpipe +40
Necklace of anguish +5
Ava's assembler +2
Heavy ballista +15

Minigame items[edit | edit source]

Item Ranged Strength Used in
Blunt arrows +125 Barbarian assault
Barbed arrows +125 Barbarian assault
Field arrows +125 Barbarian assault
Bullet arrows +125 Barbarian assault
Crystal bow (basic) +42 The Gauntlet
Crystal bow (attuned) +88 The Gauntlet
Crystal bow (perfected) +138 The Gauntlet
Corrupted bow (basic) +42 The Corrupted Gauntlet
Corrupted bow (attuned) +88 The Corrupted Gauntlet
Corrupted bow (perfected) +138 The Corrupted Gauntlet

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