Radimus Erkle

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Radimus Erkle chathead.png

Radimus Erkle is the Grand Vizier of the Legends' Guild and is in charge of admissions into the guild. He is also the brother of Siegfried Erkle, who owns the Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items.

He will send players off to complete the Legends' Quest as proof that they are worthy enough to enter the guild.

Radimus appears to be wearing a rune platebody, rune platelegs, leather gloves, a white cape and the boots of lightness.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Radimus Erkle is the solution to the master anagram clue: Mus Kil Reader. He will ask you to solve either a light or puzzle box.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you choose to take a machete from the cupboard during Legends' Quest, but have multiple machetes in the bank, Radimus will stop you, stating "Hey, I hear that you have enough machetes in your bank to start your own store. Please don't take my generosity for granted."
    • Doing so after the quest prompts him to say "Hey, I think it's about time you started buying your own machetes. I'm sure there must be some jungle native down in Karamja who can sell you one."