Orlando Smith

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Orlando Smith chathead.png

Orlando Smith is a natural historian found on the basement floor of the Varrock Museum. He runs the Natural history quiz there, in which he asks players to go around and look at the plaques on all of the museum exhibits, testing their knowledge of the creatures of Gielinor. He will reward players who finish the quiz with museum kudos and 1,000 Slayer and Hunter experience.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Anna Jones and Asgarnia Smith, his name is a play on Indiana Jones, the name of the protagonist from the Indiana Jones movie series. Just like Indiana Jones, Orlando has a sophisticated first name that is the name of a location in the USA, and a simple, more generic last name.
  • Orlando appears to speak in a style resembling an Australian accent. When the player greets him he responds with "G'day there, mate." and also uses other Australian slang words such as "bloke”.