Myths' Guild

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Location on World Map
Corsair Cove Resource Area
Southern Sea Myths' Guild Corsair Cove
Southern Sea

The Myths' Guild is a guild located on the south-western tip of Feldip Hills. It is accessible only to those who have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest.


There are several ways to get to the Myths' Guild:


Ground floor

On the ground floor, players will find the Mythic Statue, which leads to the guild's basement, and four magic trees, along with Ellen, Freja, and the Mysterious Adventurer.

Next to the entrance is the Pool of Dreams, allowing a rematch with Galvek, the Dragon Slayer II boss, and the option to rewatch cutscenes from the same quest. The Dream List next to it tracks the player's kill count and best kill times.

In the north-west corner is a ladder which leads the player to the Myths' Guild's Library of Knowledge on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US].

The music track, Mythical unlocks when you enter.

First floor

On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], there is a bank chest with a range one square away diagonally, providing an efficient place to train Cooking.

Primula is located on this floor, who can teach players how to make super antifire potions.

Lutwidge can be found in the adjacent tower, accessible via a ladder in the north-west corner on the ground floor.

Second floor

The 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] contains three teleports to the Champions', Heroes' and Legends' Guilds. Players can also find an altar, an anvil and three shops.

Diana sells dragon weaponry, Erdan sells the Shield right half and Dragon metal shard, and Jack sells the mythical cape, which is able to teleport players to the guild.

The Myths' Guild's Library of Knowledge is located on this floor, which is accessed from the ground floor from a ladder in the north-west corner of the guild. Here, players can search the bookshelves to find six texts:

  1. Ablenkian's escape.pngAblenkian's Escape
  2. Imcandoria's fall.pngThe Fall of Imcandoria
  3. Imafore's betrayal.pngImafore's Betrayal
  4. Lutwidge and the moonfly.pngLutwidge and the Moonfly
  5. Serafina.pngThe Tale of Serafina
  6. The weeping.pngThe Weeping


Corsair Cove Dungeon containing the Myths' Guild basement.

Beneath the Mythic Statue on the ground floor lies the basement of the Myths' Guild, which is the western part of the Corsair Cove Dungeon; the basement can also be accessed by crossing the bridge from the eastern side of the dungeon, where Ponts the Bridgemaster guards the barrier.

Here players will find the Fountain of Uhld, which can be used to recharge skills necklaces, combat bracelets and amulets of glory, and a small mine containing 4 adamantite rocks and 2 runite rocks.

In the southern portion of the dungeon lies several chromatic dragons, along with six blue dragon scale spawns.

The southern exit of the basement leads to a small island south of the guild, and contains the wrath altar, where players can craft wrath runes.