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Malak is a vampyre noble who can be found in the Hair of the Dog Inn in Canifis.

According to Gadderanks, Malak tried some blood from a local in Mort'ton after a strange disease turned them into Afflicted. He fell sick sometime afterwards, which prompted the vampyres to exempt Mort'ton from their blood tithes. He also has knowledge of Charos and his ring.

Being one of the four guardians of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, he plays an important role in the quest Desert Treasure. Malak had arrived in Canifis as Gadderanks had "disappeared" (having been killed during In Aid of the Myreque) and had to collect the blood tithe himself. While speaking with Roavar, he noticed the player and demanded to know what they were doing in Morytania, being well aware they were a human. Upon learning that they were searching for the blood diamond, he told them that Dessous, a rival lord, held the diamond, and that he wanted him killed as he was in possession of some land he was interested in. Malak informed them how to kill Dessous, using a silver pot blessed by Saradomin and filled with blood. The player killed Dessous but did not find the diamond on him, prompting them to confront Malak back at the inn. Malak gave the diamond to them, but confiscated the silver pot, warning them not to return.

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  • Malak is a word in multiple Semitic languages meaning angel.