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For a list of every task sorted by certain requirements, see Achievement Diary/All achievements.

The Lumbridge & Draynor Diary is a set of achievement diaries whose tasks revolve around areas in and around Lumbridge, such as Draynor Village, Al Kharid, Dorgesh-Kaan and Zanaris.

Hatius Cosaintus's location.

To complete all of the tasks, players will need the stats shown in the infobox to the right. Unless stated otherwise, temporary skill boosts can be used for all of the diary tasks.

Players looking to claim their rewards can do so from Hatius Cosaintus in Lumbridge, just outside the castle courtyard. Note that players must complete a diary of a previous tier to claim the next tier's rewards; for example, players must do the easy and medium tasks in order to claim rewards from the hard tasks.

Easy[edit | edit source]

Items Required
Skills Required
Quests Required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)
Items Needed
1. Complete a lap of the Draynor Village Rooftop Course. None Agility 10 None
2. Slay a cave bug in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. None Slayer 7 Light source. A rope if the caves have not be entered through the Lumbridge Swamp surface before. Note: If the cave bug dies from poison, it will not complete.
3. Have Sedridor teleport you to the Rune essence mine. Rune Mysteries None None
4. Craft some water runes. None Runecraft 5 Rune or pure essence; water talisman, water tiara, or access to the Abyss
5. Learn your age from Hans in Lumbridge. None None None
6. Pickpocket a man or woman in Lumbridge. None None None
7. Chop and burn some oak logs in Lumbridge. None Woodcutting 15
Firemaking 15
Any axe, tinderbox
8. Kill a zombie in the Draynor Sewers (Make sure to wait for the zombie to fully die before exiting the sewers; otherwise the task will not be marked as complete). None None None
9. Catch some anchovies in Al-Kharid. None Fishing 15 Small fishing net
10. Bake some bread on the Lumbridge castle kitchen range. Cook's Assistant None Bread dough
11. Mine some iron ore at the Al-Kharid mine. None Mining 15 Any pickaxe
12. Enter the H.A.M. Hideout. None None None

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Medium[edit | edit source]

Items Required
Skills Required
Quests Required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)
Items Needed
1. Complete a lap of the Al Kharid Rooftop Course. None Agility 20 None
2. Grapple across the River Lum. None Agility 8
Strength 19
Ranged 37
Mith grapple, any crossbow that you can wield
Note for Ironman chat badge.pngIronman Mode: Smithing 59 and Fletching 59 are required to make the mith grapple.
Grapples may also be obtained as a drop from barbarian spirits inside the Ancient Cavern.
3. Purchase an upgraded device from Ava. Animal Magnetism Ranged 50 (unboostable) 999 coins OR Ava's attractor, AND 75 steel arrows

Note: The 75 steel arrows are required regardless of whether you bring coins or an attractor.

4. Travel to the Wizards' Tower by Fairy ring. Started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen None Dramen or Lunar staff (code: dis)
5. Cast the Lumbridge Teleport spell. None Magic 31 3Air 1Earth 1Law
6. Catch some salmon in Lumbridge. None Fishing 30 Fly fishing rod, feathers
7. Craft a coif (not cowl) in the Lumbridge cow pen. None Crafting 38 Leather, needle, thread
8. Chop some willow logs in Draynor Village. None Woodcutting 30 Any axe
9. Pickpocket Martin the Master Gardener. None Thieving 38 None
10. Get a Slayer task from Chaeldar. Lost City Combat level 70 Dramen or Lunar staff.
11. Catch an essence or eclectic impling in Puro-Puro. Lost City Hunter 42 Dramen or Lunar staff, Butterfly net, impling jar
12. Craft some lava runes at the fire altar in Al Kharid. None Runecraft 23 Fire talisman or tiara, earth talisman, earth runes, and pure essence. A binding necklace is recommended.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Hard[edit | edit source]

Items Required
Skills Required
Quests Required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)
Items Needed
1. Cast Bones to Peaches in Al Kharid Palace. None Magic 60 Bones, 4Earth 4Water 2Nature . The magic tablet will not work.
Bones to Peaches must first be unlocked from the Mage Training Arena.
2. Squeeze past the jutting wall on your way to the cosmic altar. Lost City Agility 46 Dramen or Lunar staff or access to the Abyss
3. Craft 56 cosmic runes simultaneously. Lost City Runecraft 59 28 pure essence or daeyalt essence and cosmic tiara or access to the Abyss
4. Travel from Lumbridge to Edgeville on a waka canoe. None Woodcutting 57 Any axe
5. Collect at least 100 Tears of Guthix in one visit. Tears of Guthix None None. Games necklace for quick teleportation and having many quest points (around 175+) is highly recommended.
6. Take the train from Dorgesh-Kaan to Keldagrim. Another Slice of H.A.M. None Train is located on the middle level of the Dorgesh-Kaan city, south-west corner.
7. Purchase some Barrows gloves from the Culinaromancer's Chest. Recipe for Disaster
(full completion)
Quest points 175 130,000 coins
See the Recipe for Disaster quest requirements for more details.
8. Pick some belladonna from the farming patch at Draynor Manor. None Farming 63 Belladonna seed, seed dibber, spade, rake, any gloves. (Note: it will take 320 min to grow.)
9. Light your mining helmet in the Lumbridge Castle basement. None Firemaking 65 Tinderbox, mining helmet
10. Recharge your prayer at Duel Arena with Smite activated. None Prayer 52 None. Ring of dueling is recommended for quick teleportation.
11. Craft, string and enchant an amulet of power in Lumbridge (not upstairs in castle). None Crafting 70
Magic 57
Gold bar, cut diamond, amulet mould, ball of wool, 1 cosmic rune, 10 earth runes

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Elite[edit | edit source]

Items Required
Skills Required
Quests Required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)
Items Needed
1. Steal from a Dorgesh-Kaan rich chest. Death to the Dorgeshuun Thieving 78 Lockpick
2. Pickpocket Movario on the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course. Death to the Dorgeshuun

Temple of Ikov

Agility 70
Ranged 70
Strength 70
Any crossbow, mith grapple (2x incase one breaks), a light source
3. Chop some magic logs at the Mage Training Arena. None Woodcutting 75 Any axe
4. Smith an adamant platebody down in Draynor Sewer. None Smithing 88 5 adamantite bars, hammer
5. Craft 140 or more water runes at once. None Runecraft 76 28 rune, pure, or daeyalt essence and water tiara or access to the Abyss
6. Perform the Quest point cape emote in the Wise Old Man's house. All quests see here Quest point cape

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 April 2015
(update | poll)

Completing the elite Lumbridge & Draynor achievement diary now allows use of fairy rings without equipping a staff