Lord Ethrain Hosidius I

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Lord Ethrain Hosidius I[1] was the first Grand Lord[2] of Great Kourend after the signing of the royal accord of twill, succeeding the Council of Elders and reigning for the 1st decade.[3][4]

During the Council of Elder's reign, a famine struck Great Kourend. Five years into the famine, Lord Hosidius met with the lords of the other four families, coming to an agreement that half the land of each would be granted to Hosidius in order to grow more crops to extricate the kingdom from famine.[5] The next day he would send a letter to the Council of Elders pleading for this request to be granted.[6] The council granted his request, and the famine ended sometime after.

Following the famine, the Council of Elders relinquished their rule during 1st BA with the signing of the Royal accord of twill.[7] Hosidius was the first to take the role, becoming first of his name. Following the accord he ruled for one decade before the role passed onto Lord Lovakengj I.[8]

Predecessor Title Successor
Council of Elders Ruler of Great Kourend Lord Lovakengj I
Predecessor Title Successor
Unknown Leader of Hosidius Eventually Lord Hosidius II

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