Last Recall

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Last Recall detail.png

Last Recall is a Tier 2 Relic in the Trailblazer League. Selecting Last Recall gives the player a crystal of memories which allows players to teleport themselves back to the location where their most recent teleport occurred. However, the crystal will not remember the player's teleport location if they teleported from an instance or special area, such as quest areas and minigames.

Because the player is given an item, this relic must be unlocked in a bank.

Excluded non-instanced locations[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player teleports themself back (or logs in) near Simon Templeton between the two sets of climbing rocks (approximately in the region of 3338,2831,0 to 3350,2822,0), the player will be instantaneously teleported to a new location 3341,2827,0 as soon as the teleportation animation stall ends.