Lady Shauna Piscarilius

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Lady Shauna Piscarilius chathead.png

Lady Shauna Piscarilius, also known under her alias as The Queen of Thieves is the leader of Port Piscarilius. Players meet her as her alias during The Queen of Thieves quest.

She was the only child of Lord Dalton Piscarilius, so after her father died on a fishing trip, she became the leader of the House. Unlike her father, who sought to increase his own wealth at the cost of the House, she sought to fight for her people. She sought help from the Kourend Council, but they never did so due to their corruption. So, she formed the Saviours of Kourend, attempting to unite all the gangs of Kourend together to fight against all who would damage Kourend, no matter who they are.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Predecessor Title Successor
Lord Dalton Piscarilius Leader of Piscarilius Incumbent