Kruk's Dungeon

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The entrance to Kruk's Dungeon.

Kruk's Dungeon is a large labyrinth whose entrance is hidden under jungle grass west of Marim on Ape Atoll.

The dungeon is visited during Monkey Madness II to kill Kruk and sabotage Glough's laboratory. After completing Monkey Madness II, the laboratory is destroyed and becomes a hunter training area for maniacal monkeys.

This dungeon is unique in that the navigation of it is different for each player, as there are numerous nodes which may be interacted with, but only one of them will work. Players may choose to navigate an obstacle course or run through hordes of both Maniacal monkeys and Maniacal monkey archers to reach the end destination.

At the end of the dungeon is where players will fight Kruk to progress through the quest. North of the initial entrance, monkey bars can be seen and can only be used once the player has a Kruk monkey greegree.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 January 2019

An audio issue encountered when crossing a log in Kruk's Dungeon has been fixed.