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The Kourend Council is the current ruling authority of the kingdom of Great Kourend. The Council is made up of four councillors, with one of the councillors holding the position of head councillor, rotating every year. Every four years, there is an election held for the people of Great Kourend to decide who the councillors should be.

While the five Houses of Great Kourend have their own leader who rules over each city, they must enforce and obey the laws set out by the Kourend Council, but can otherwise rule as they see fit.

Currently, the head councillor is Councillor Andrews, with the other three being Councillor Hughes, Unkar and Orson. The latter has not been introduced in game yet.

History[edit | edit source]

The Council was formed during the 140th decade after the death of King Kharedst IV. As his daughter, Rose, was too young to take the throne, the Council was formed in order to rule the kingdom until Rose came of age[1], in which the Council would disband once Rose took the throne.

However, the Council declared that Rose was unfit for rule, making the Council permanent[2], and Rose was locked away[3] due to accusations that she had killed her father[4].

After a decade of rule, the Council has been accused of corruption, as the same four people have won every election since its formation. In addition, Councillor Hughes was found to have ties with the Disciples of Yama, a cult who follows the demon Yama, who resides deep below the Chasm of Fire. She was then arrested and her position as a councillor removed.

Despite this, the Council continues to rule over Great Kourend. However, protesters lead by Martin Holt have begun to stage protests against the Council.

References[edit | edit source]

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