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Kolodion is the shape-shifting master of the Mage Arena miniquest. He is fought to gain entrance to the Mage Arena, where players fight for their god of choice.

When a player fights him, during the Mage Arena miniquest, he first starts out as a man, then a jogre, a giant ice blue spider, a large ghost, and finally black demon, (which is the only form to have a combat level) at level 112. To prevent large hits, it is recommended that players achieve level 37 Prayer to use Protect from Magic. Players should also bring the required runes for their highest-level and most powerful spell since melee and ranged attacks cannot be used against him. In addition, it is recommended to bring either at least 20 to 25 cooked sharks (to keep up life points during the battle), or a few prayer potions (when using prayer).

A player fighting Kolodion.

He attacks players with the three god spells, which all have a maximum hit of 20, regardless of the form he is in. Protect from Magic prevents all damage and is highly recommended.

After Kolodion is defeated, players may enter the sparkling pool, where players can then worship one of the three god statues, dedicated to Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak. They will then receive a god cape, based on their choice. They can then claim that god's staff by speaking to the Chamber guardian for free, and additional staves (of any god) for 80,000 coins each.

Kolodion's final form is considered a black demon towards a Slayer task.

Location[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Mage ArenaN/AMember icon.png1Maplink