King Shayzien III

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King Shayzien III was the king responsible for abolishing the royal accord of twill by siezing control of Great Kourend with the military under his command.[1] He reigned for the duration of the 13th - 14th decade.[2][3]

King Shayzien III is known for writing the Royal Charter into law, which officially abolished the royal accord of twill and therefore the right of succession,[4] forming the State of Kourend that serves the monarchy.[5] Giving the head of state (the monarch) authority over revenue, mobilisation of armies, and territory within the kingdom of Great Kourend.[6]

Predecessor Title Successor
Lord Lovakengj III Ruler of Great Kourend King Shayzien IV
Predecessor Title Successor
Eventually Lord Shayzien II Leader of Shayzien Eventually King Shayzien IV

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