King Byrne III

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King Byrne III was ruler of the Great Kourend during 54th decade. He was the only son of the King Byrne II and Queen Biyrene I.

King Byrne II died to unknown causes and his wife took over the role, since his only son (King Byrne III) was too young. Once his son came of age, her mother unwillingly gave up the throne. Had the law of succession made by her late husband never existed, she would have not given up the throne for her son, wishing to finish the work for this kingdom that she had started.

During King Byrne III's reign in the 54th decade (870 years ago), he was stabbed to death in his chamber by an assassin. As King Byrne III had not achieved anything of note during his reign, it is believed that the assassination was arranged by Lord Piscarilius through the spy network in order to return his wife to the throne.

Queen Biyrene I would rule for another two decades before passing the throne to her daughter, Queen Biyrene II.

King Byrne III, along with other rulers of the Great Kourend, is mentioned in Timeline.

Predecessor Title Successor
Queen Biyrene I Monarch of Great Kourend Queen Biyrene I