Khazard armour

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Khazard armour detail.png

A Khazard armour is a quest item in the Fight Arena quest. It is a dark coloured platebody that is part of the Khazard armour set. It has stats worse than a bronze platebody, but unlike most melee armours, it does not have a penalty to Magic or Ranged accuracy, nor does it interfere with Ava's devices, making it a viable choice for mages and rangers. Another nearby quest item, Carnillean armour, has over double the stab defence and +3 slash defence bonuses, at the cost of -2 crush defence and nearly 20x the weight.

In the Fight Arena quest, a Khazard helmet and Khazard armour can only be found by searching the chest in a building north of the Fight Arena. They both must be worn to enter the Khazard prisons. Unequipping either the helmet or armour inside the jail causes the guards to kick the player out.

If lost, it can be reobtained in the same chest. Multiple armour pieces can be obtained through the drop trick.