Karamjan Temple

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This article is about the Karamjan Temple visited during Dragon Slayer II. For the Karamjan Temple visited during Shilo Village, see Ah Za Rhoon.

The Karamjan Temple is a large maze found beneath the Kharazi Jungle visited during Dragon Slayer II. In order to reach the temple, players must travel to south-east corner of the Kharazi Jungle, south of the Rare trees icon.png icon.

The entrance to the temple.

The maze is heavily guarded by traps and powerful stone guardians, with many dead ends. In the centre of the maze, a plinth can be found with one of Robert's dragon key pieces. Afterwards, players may use the plinth to return to the beginning of the maze.

In the south-west corner of the maze, in the third dead end from the left, a skeleton can be searched to obtain Malumac's journal.

The creator of the temple remains unknown, though it is known that it was built before the God Wars, as Skotizo led an expedition under Zamorak's orders to take an artefact from the temple's centre. With the artefact gone, Robert the Strong placed one of his dragon key pieces here later during the Fourth Age.