Insect repellent

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Insect repellent detail.png

Insect repellent is a container of bug spray that can be used on beehives, large mosquitoes, and mosquito swarms.

Using insect repellent on beehives, located in the apiary west of Catherby and in southern Seers' Village, causes the bees to leave. Using a bucket on the beehive then gives a bucket of wax, which is used in Merlin's Crystal and Troll Romance. Insect repellent must be used on the beehive every time, otherwise the bees will have returned and no wax will be collected.

It is also used on large mosquitoes and mosquito swarms encountered in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame to halve their combat stats and prevent them from attacking for six seconds. This can be done multiple times until their stats are reduced to 1. Giant mosquitoes found on Mos Le'Harmless are unaffected.

Spawns[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Catherby - house north of the bankMember icon.png1Maplink